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  • Just the behavior you would expect, with no interference with existing functionality.
  • It's alot easier finding the right tab, esp. if you have many tabs open.
  • I don't understand why this feature is not built in Firefox :)
  • This seems to be one of the hundreds of things that Tab Mix Plus already does. Unfortunately it doesn\'t seem to work in Firefox 3 and I miss this Tab Mix Plus more than anything since I upgraded to FF3.
  • Very simple, very effective, and like many others have said... Why wasn't it done this way in the first place? =:o}

    That said, the option to sometimes use the old behaviour (via a right-click context menu) would be a smart addition.
  • Works only for foreground tabs - at least in FF3b5.

    I prefer opening background tabs as standard behavior, and then this extension unfortunately shows no effect at all :-( ... or do I do something wrong ???
  • Brilliant addon! As Hitmewithit said, why isn't this the default behaviour? Many thanks, Jomel!
  • this is cool.. I was so used to it.. but it dsnt work with 3 beta 5... :(
  • This is a very useful and great addon. Helps keep all tabs organized.

    Recommended to all!
  • Why oh WHY is this not the default browser behaviour?!
    Respect to the creator for having the foresight to make this brilliant addition.
    I can't do without it!
  • Does what it says on the tin.
    I would have thought Mozilla would have implemented this into the tab options for FF 3 but then again... they do like to keep it simple.
  • Really, this should be Firefox's default behaviour.
    Thanks for this extension.
  • A must have for me, thank you.
  • Just here to say that it works on beta two when you use nightly tester tools.

    This is a must need extension for me.
  • Very simple and does the trick. Most times I'd rather have a tab open relative, but sometimes on the right would be preferable. If you wanted to expand this one, a right-click context option to "Open Relative" or "Open Right" would be something to consider.
  • This add-on should be bundled together with Firefox if not already built-in.
    It is behaving just like what tabs should be.
    Great job!
  • should be included on original Firefox package...
  • ça c'est ce qui s'apelle de l'extension UTILE !!!
  • NiceJob!ICan'tLiveWithOutThisAddOn
  • I'd be configuring Tabs Mix Plus endlessly until I simply gave up hope on esolving exactly what this does. Thanks so much.
  • This extension works perfect for me. The only problem is that, installed in Firefox in Ubuntu 7.04, I have to reinstall the extension each week (more or less).
  • I have been looking for just this functionality, and it works as advertised. It would be nice if you could configure it to only open tabs directly to the right if it is a manually opened tab (as opposed to a link)