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  • great nifty tool. thanks
  • If you don’t want new tabs to be affected, go to about:config (see http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config for more info) and disable the preference “extensions.tabsopenrelative.includenewtabs”.

    This way new tab (Ctrl+T) will open in far right. Hope this helps ;)
  • Hi,no need dis addon,if u just need open a link in a new tab just right next to ur current tab,heres da tricks*press & hold ctrl key and hold ur mouse right key on da link and drag it right next to ur current tab,and release mouse if u see a down arrow over da mouse pointer,yaa its opened just next to ur current tab, u can release da mouse pointer next to any tab on da tab bar

    You can duplicate any tab without any addon,heres da trick##Press and hold da ctrl key and click on da tab ur want to duplicate,den drag it and release next to any tab on da tab bar, hav fun
    Tawheed Musawwir
  • Thank you - this is a much more intuitive way to handle child-tabs. Now, if it would only return to the parent tab, when closing the child....
  • This is a great add-on, I've been looking for this for quite some time!

    Nice work!
  • Light weight, works like it is supposed to. I wish this was built into Firefox.
  • That's great plugin! But I think it should be allowed optionally to open tabs not like {A} {B} {1} {2} {3} {C} (see plugin description), but like {A} {B} {3} {2} {1} {C} (if opening happens in background, without activating of the tabs opened)
  • Great addon...

    Would be 5 star if when you open tab by (Ctrl + T) or double clicking on tab bar it opens at the end.
  • Works as described, however new tabs (Ctrl-T) should open on the far right, rather than next to the current tab. (This would match IE 7 behavior.) (At least this could be configurable.)
  • Very useful extention but I found a little bug:
    even if you set to false "includenewtabs" variable it doesn't work if
    you configured Firefox to open homepage instead of blank page when you
    click on new tab (this is possible using extentions like "New Tab
    It seems that "Tabs open relative" doesn't recognize it as new page because
    it's not blank.
    Please fix that behaviour :)

    Also, a little suggestion:
    please add "includenewtabs" option in a options window like all other
    extentions to avoid the need to go to "about:config" to set it
  • After using this for a while I keep finding myself thinking... "Almost". It was just about a great extension. Opening links on a page relative to the page you're viewing is GREAT, like someone else said, it should be a default option in firefox. However the thing that keeps this from a 5-star extension for me is when I independently open up a new tab (ctrl+t) I wish that tab opened up at the far right, and not relative to whatever page I happen to be viewing at the time.
  • Should be a firefox default feature.
  • I've been waiting for this simple extension for ages. Thanks, working really fine.
  • Good one
  • This extension works great, just what I was looking for !!!
  • Better then Next Tab add-on.
  • Does what it says. No unrequited pretensions here.
  • Really helpful add on!
  • Work great, thanks you
  • Awesome, thanks!
  • It' Make some good function
    don't have with Firefox.
    Make easy to continue
    to read web
  • Very useful ext! I've been searching for smth like it for a long time :). Thanks.
  • A very useful and very simple addon which fills a niche. It just needs an option to move you to the left when you close your tab, thus likely taking you back to the origin tab.
  • I am using FF ver. and this add on does not work. When I middle click to open a link in a new tab, the tab still appears at the end.
  • when "tab scope" is turned on, this add-on will fail