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  • I've been a long-time Maxthon user, so Firefox was not comfortable for me unless I found this addon.

    It's a pity that the Firefox developers won't understand such a basic usability principle.

    Thankfully, this great addon makes me happy.
  • Just rename the .xpi file to have a .zip extension, open the archive, then go into the .rdf file and update the version to “3.*.*”.

    At least, that's what I did, and no smoke here...
  • I wish Firefox had this by default! One of my favorite Chrome features. This will be a big time saver since I no longer have to manually rearrange my tabs.
  • I'm with medeshago on this one. I use 3.1b2. But I can imagine how it would work.
  • When I switched from IE7 to Firefox, I noticed that opening a new tab by right-clicking on a link caused the new tab to open at the end of the tab queue to the right. Quite unorganized!

    In IE7 the new tab would open just to the right of the parent tab, resulting in a logical grouping of tabs.

    Luckily, Tabs Open Relative fixes this little annoyance, and now I'm quite content. Oh yes, you should also do the following: go to about:config (see http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config for more info) and disable the preference "extensions.tabsopenrelative.includenewtabs". This way your brand new tabs that are unrelated to any open tabs, will appear at the end of the tab queue to the right (like they should). It was easy to accomplish this, even for someone new to Firefox like me.
  • Please make it work with firefox 3.1b3
  • Woo, bug 465673 (successor to 262459 and 161836) is finally landing after all these years!
  • Error 239 - will not install on Seamonkey
  • Nice extension, very lean and does what it says. However, I'd like to echo Provolino's review on September 16 - if you use 'New Tab Homepage' extension, setting includenewtabs variable to false has no effect because 'Tabs Open Relative' doesn't recognise the new tab as it isn't blank. Can this be fixed?
  • nice!
  • Really good tool, but introduces a small but really annoying bug: focus for page up, page down, home and end keys is often (but not always, and not reproducibly) transferred to a different tab than the one in current focus. Definitely caused by this add-on? Am very sure - as soon as I disabled the add-on, the bug disappeared.
  • one of the best addons ever... firefox should really include this option by default... it's been in Opera for centuries and everyone needs it! mozilla dev team.. weak up!!
  • I've been looking for this after using Chrome.. Thanks!
  • Great addon! One of these you ever do not wish before a try.

    But, please, update to 3.1!
  • Great extension. Simply the best, and very slim at 5kb!
  • This is a great add-on, and it would get 5 stars from me if the following were true:

    1) New blank tabs are added to the right of all others *by default*.
    2) When tabs are closed, focus switches to the last selected tab, not the next tab on the right.
    3) A simple options panel is added to allow the user to toggle both 1 and 2 above without delving into "about:config".

    But none of these are a deal breaker; even no.2, because as things stand, you can get the focus to switch to the last selected tab by installing the "LastTab" add-on (search for it).

    Just as a note to users looking for what I was looking for: if you a) configure new tabs to appear on the right and b) install "LastTab", your tabs will behave exactly as in Google Chrome.

    The above notwithstanding, this is excellent work. I agree with others here that this should, without a doubt, be a default feature of Firefox.
  • I love this add-on. Frankly I did not like Tab Mix Plus. This add-on is simple and I don't need to set a bunch of options, etc. The focus returning to the tab on the right rather than the left is no big deal in my book and it looks like you've already given a solution for anyone who cares about this issue. However, there is one bugaboo that I have and I don't really think its this add-ons problem or necessarily the other add-ons' it has a conflict with. I really like the two add-ons that allow one to create tab groups, tabgroups and Tab Groups Plus. Also, just fyi, I use Perma Tabs Mod and Colour Tabs just in case they enter the equation. Everything works fine until I install either of the tab grouping add-ons and Tabs Open Relative stops working altogether. Are you aware of this problem? Is there a workaround? Is there another tab grouping add-on that will work with Tabs Open Relative? If the answer is no to the above can you try working with the authors' of the other two add-ons to find a solution. It would be much appreciated. Thanks for a great add-on.
  • An immensely useful tool that greatly enhances productivity.

    Thanks !
  • great extension, but i have to second skaze's request for reverting to previous tab on tab close, would be much more useful.
  • excellent plugin, tried tabmix plus for a bit but without this essential functionality i'm lost.
  • When a close a tab with this addons, I would like to return to the previusly used tab.

    Actualy, with this addons, if I close a tab, I return to the tab at the right of the current tab. It's not the normal ff behavior.

    So, presently, if I was at the tab {C} in a set of {A}, {B}, {C} and {D}, I go to the tab , {D}.

    In a future version, It's can be cool, if I used {A} just before {C} and I close de current tab {C}, to return to {A}.

    An automatic return-history-memory of the last 5-20 tabs used can be really amasing to.

  • I would really like to see support for tabs created by links clicked in external applications. Currently, they open at the end :(
  • This extension often (not always) crashes firefox 2 (on my Laptop) and firefox 3 (on my desktop) under SuSE Linux, when a website opens a new window via window.open()

    Otherwise, it is a nice extension. The number of downloads really suggest, it should go to the firefox core as a configurable feature.
  • This the addon i was looking for!!! Thank you!!!

    If i can make a request, would it be possible when opening a new blank tab to go at the end and have a tab opened by a link open to the right of that tab? like how tabs work in ie7?
  • great nifty tool. thanks