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  • does the job perfectly but why the hell when i press "new tab " button , it opens right to the current tab ... this make me irritated

    this makes me uninstall... please correct the issue/bug please

  • Works as advertised. Possible improvement: Clicking the add-tab (ie. "+") button on the tab bar opens a new tab at the end, but CTRL-T opens relative. Perhaps an options page to support this?

  • The *perfect* extension for the Firefox power user who wants better-organized tabs! Between this and EnterSelects [1], I'm in productivity heaven.

    [1] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7423

  • Doesn't work with the Right Links extension which is pretty much essential for me.

    Right Links:

  • Well, It was love and hate UNTIL I got to do the manual about:config setting to make it tapnext links only. This is what I wanted and now, its what I've got.

  • Thanks for this super addon, hope firefox will add it has default or atleast an option in next version.

  • Thanks for this super addon, hope firefox will add it has default or atleast an option in next version.

  • A must-have. I really don't understand why this isn't default behaviour in Firefox by the way (it is in Chrome / Iron).

  • One of the few features in IE8 that I actually liked! Now I don't miss it at all. Thank you!

  • It helps a lot, when you are opening a huge amount of tabs.

  • A little bug:

    it doesn't work with QuickDrag add-on, if you drag a link or a text the new tab is not open near the current tab :(

    Please fix that.

  • Very good add-on.

    The only suggestion is to add the option to change "extensions.tabsopenrelative.linksonly" value directly on the option button in the add-on window (like all other add-ons).

    Most of novice users don't want to go inside about:config area since they could change other values by mistake.

  • Finally I can open tabs like with Google Chrome. I'm sick of my tabs getting messed up, this add-on keeps them all together so no messy tabs.

  • Essential. Not sure why this isn't already included with Firefox.

  • Have always loved this addon, and never could understand why no one else could get it right!

  • simply and beautifully

  • simply and beautifully

  • I loved Google Chrome for this featyre. I'm very happy to have it on Firefox now. :)

  • Great add-on!! Keep the good work!!

  • love this, I hate not having it on other computers

  • This addon is pure win. Simply does what it says. I love the option to disable relative tab opening on new blank tabs by toggling the value of extensions.tabsopenrelative.includenewtabs in about:config

  • Excelente!

  • Simples, mas abre a aba corretamente, junto com a aba de origem. E nao causa conflito com outros complementos.

  • hi i loved this creation, but its not suitable for the latest fox. any updates will be very greatful

  • Thank GOD!