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  • Nice but what I really want is to force javascript popups to open in a new tab. Haven't seen anyone design that yet. The LA Times website pops up the registration for their site and it's *very* annoying. I only put up with it because I live in the LA area. (Yes, I complained. They think it's a "feature".)
  • Works wonderfully in FF3.6.xx on my other PC.Now I tried FF11 on a new computer and TOR(M) puts every new tab at the end of the tab bar, no matter where they come from.Anyway 4**** for the idea and the great performance until FF3.6.xx :-) ------ EDIT: it finally works up from FF 9.0.1 to FF 12.0 !! THANKS MUCH for modifying.
  • I used to use this, and it certainly does what it says it does. However, the Tabs Mix Plus add-on contains this functionality and many more options—so you may want to check that too, depending on what you need.
  • Thank you for ability to open links from external programs in a new window (vs arbitrarily to the last-used window, which may be one which I want to keep open only for a certain task!)
  • Wow, it works with FF6!
    Great job mate, nice add-on for me 'cause the former Open Tab Relative didn't work with recent FF's versions.

  • Working right in FF 11.0a1 (Nightly), But it should be modified in order to create the needed options in about:config to make it work without further user intervention (as description indicates), it's quite absurd not to create them automatically, isn't it?
  • Good stuff.
    I still can't believe you need this in Firefox 5...
    Thanks for keeping this updated!
  • Works exactly as intended for me. I am using Firefox 3.6.3, with the following two preferences set in about:config as recommended:

    browser.link.open_newwindow = 1
    browser.link.open_external = 3

    -- All links *normally* (exept pop-up windows) open in the same tab.
    -- If I do Ctrl-click the link opens in a new tab. (It then opens to the right of the current tab -- but isn't that the default behavior nowadays anyway? I'm not sure that this extension is needed to achieve that anymore.)
    -- If I click a link in my email-program ("external links"), the link opens in a *new* tab (to the far right).

    Perfect! Without the extension, the "external links" open in the currently open tab. That is not good at all. What if I am currently filling in a form in that tab? I may lose that data then. This extensions solves this problem.

    Regarding the recommended preferences in about:config -- I am not sure what the "extensions.tabsopenrelative.linksonly" setting does -- it doesn't seem to alter any behavior? Or does it?
  • It doesn't work at all :(
    Do you understand what it does and how it works? Did you set the preferences correctly?
  • It seems addon just don't work!?
    FF 3.6.10
  • Doesn't work anything like the original. When I click gmail manager it opens at the end. When I click for a new tab it's at the end. And links inside gmail don't work at all.
  • This add-on disables the Google Search setting that opens links in a new tab.
  • Uninstalled this, since it doesn't work, and Installed Tabberwokky.
  • The decision to open new tabs at the far right is brain dead for an extension called "Open Tabs Relative". What happened to the original behaviour? !@#$!
  • Prior to version 3.6 everything worked fine, but after all not working, when corrected, bothers to open the tab at the end?!!!
  • I also used this so all tabs (in a link, or ctrl-t) would open directly to the right of the current tab im in, can we get this feature back?
  • Version 1.1 on Firefox 3.6.3 seems to make Google Apps Mail links in emails not work, they just timeout.

    Good Add-On though I love having tabs open relative thanks! Just fix that bug if you can!
  • This did not work for me at all in Firefox 3.6, so I installed Tab Utilities instead and got the same functionality.
  • "I wish new tabls (ctrl+"t") would also open to the right of the current one. I realize that's not necessarily the purpose of this add-on, but the pre-3.6 version did so and it was useful.
    used just for this, without it plugin is useless
  • Works just like the original, which is great, except for one distinction.

    I wish new tabls (ctrl+"t") would also open to the right of the current one. I realize that's not necessarily the purpose of this add-on, but the pre-3.6 version did so and it was useful.

    An option to have new tabs open either relative or on the far right would make this as useful as the original. There may be a fix but a simple configuration option would be better for casual users.
  • Please fix this addon for 3.6

    Since 3.6 and subsequent updates of the addon, this addon has not been working properly. In face it makes ALL LINKS open in NEW WINDOWS.

    I have checked all about:config settings and they are what they should be.
    browser.link.open_external = 2
    browser.link.open_newwindow = 3
    Also, I have tried disabling all other addons, but this issue still continues.

    On XP, FF3.6, TabsOpenRelMod Addon v1.1
  • It worked perfectly until Firefox 3.6 on my Mac. Now it doesn't work at all, despite my having uninstalled and reinstalled it. Am so disappointed, as it was a great add-on, and I still find myself instinctively looking at the immediate right of the current tab for the new one. But no - now it's at the end, just as if I hadn't installed the add-on at all.

    Hope it gets mended, then it'll be back to a 5-Star for me.
  • Why the fuss with about:config
    This addon does it within the UI and seems pretty light: Tab Control
  • The original worked better for me. This one didn't seem to do anything. And requiring about:config tweaks to get it to wrok properly is just lazy. Write a bloody UI if you want to add features.
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