Great!!! but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is exactly what I was looking for! Almost exactly... but for one minor - but I think - essential feature. If you don't mind my humble opinion (who hasn't even got around to working out how to do a firefox extension for himself)... is:

Selecting a tab via the tabs menu would be MUCH easier if the tabs listed in the menu were not in order of having opened the tab, but in order of last selected.

For example, user Eric opens tabs (in order):

1. googlemail
2. wikipedia
3. weather
4. mininova

then proceeds to view (in order)
1. wikipedia
3. googlemail
4. weather

I would hope to see in the drop down menu, the tabs in the order:
1. weather
2. googlemail
4. wikipedia
5. mininova

mininova of course would be last because i didn't view it at all after having opened it. But the last viewed would be more quickly accessible (and easy to find) closer to the top of the list.

What do you think?
If i hadn't found your tabs menu extension, i'd have done this myself... But of course, every good idea of mine is already done..... but.... without this ordering.....
please think about it! ;)

Yours Kindly,