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  • I used this add-on a long time ago, and I absolutely loved it. It took me a long time to find it again. I like minimalist interfaces. I was surprised to see that it has been recently updated, as well, usually such addons become dead at this age. Sadly, at the moment the addon seems to have no effect at all, which is unfortunate, I would really like to have it back. Using Firefox 52.0.1.
  • ..and with an INFANTILE name "soapy ham hocks" it's no wonder.
  • I just installed this right now and it works in the most current version of Pale Moon v26.0.2 x64(bit) on Windows 10 (not Insider Preview).
  • The UI they reference as being changed hasn't existed in a while. In Firefox 43 this does nothing because none of the elements they reference exist.
  • Not working in FF 24
  • Not working in FF 40.
  • Not working in FF 39.
  • Not working in FF38.
  • Not working in FF 37
  • Extremely useful. "Distance from Top" feature is wonderful. My parameter is "0", because I do not like to leave unnecessary space at the top. No need for the complicated addons forcing their own preferences, styles, icons. Thanks for the update.
  • Love this addon, but please fix it for version 29!
  • This add-on was by far one of the most needed add-ons. As noted below, not working with Firefox 29.
  • Please fix for FF29+ w/ Classic Theme Restorer! Love this add-on, and keep it installed in the hopes it will be updated soon.
  • great addon; i get more real estate using it. but now with ff29 beta, it's not working. any chance of a fix?
  • Unfortunately not compatible with FF29 & Classic Theme Restorer.
  • Great !
    Yes it should be possible to change the offset of the tabs, to put lower compared to the title bar, or move further to the right if necessary ... but it's really useful!
  • In private browsing mode size of Firefox-button is bigger, so tabs overlap with it
  • Doesn't work in FF26
  • Have just started using this along with the "Movable Firefox Button" extension to take better advantage of screen space and gain a look and feel similar to Google Chrome.

    Took me a while to find this because I was searching for " remove the space above the tabs in Firefox ". Hopefully this comment will help someone else who is searching for the same thing to find this review and so find the add-on.

    [Above text copy/pasted/amended from comments I have made elsewhere on the internet]

    The extension isn't feature packed, but it does what it was designed to do. Full marks.
  • I am looking at the screenshots and this mirrors firefox on both of my setups. Do some setups function differently or something?

    I have Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 both with firefox and in both cases the titlebar is exactly the same.

    Five stars to match average.
  • I use userChrome.css to make the Firefox button smaller. This extension works sometimes, but other times the tabs are on top of the menu button or the menu button is missing completely.
  • The only thing that would make it better is a similar function for scaling the height of the tabs. ;)
  • Trying a new addon, to be sure, a thing that may be a crask-risky. But when you get one that is "instant reward beautiful" as this one? Well, all I know to do is say thank you so much for the giving and not asking. Many, many addons, my first review; Thanks, like it alot: xtra space, xtra appearance. FIVE STARS 4 SURE!
  • Works as expected, though there's a bug when the firefox button is replaced with GlassMyFox. Please fix!
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin. This option should be standard in Firefox for non maximized windows.