WinXP incompatibilities Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This add-on may work well on Aero themes, but not on WinXP themes (official and modified), at least for me.

Here's what happens:
The tab bar is literally put on top of the titlebar, not considering its background.

Instead, the background should be like this , just like when you have FF maximized and the tab bar is on the titlebar with that glass effect by default.

(NOTE: This is the WinXP theme titlebar background/color without any effect )

I suppose that this is not a problem on Aero because the titlebar and the tab bar have the same background, the Aero glass effect, but on WinXP this doesn't happen, the titlebar has a color (background) defined by the OS theme and the tab bar (when not in the titlebar) has a color defined by Firefox's theme.

I found the same bug to happen with a Stylish style/script that puts the bookmarks toolbar on top , but then there's another Stylish script that enhances the last one and fixes that bug (although not adding the glass effect that Firefox adds by default to the tab bar/titlebar combination) .

Here are the Stylish styles/scripts, so you may want to look at their code (specially at the 2nd's that partially fixes the bug) for clues:

Nonetheless, it's a good extension to save more vertical space when working with the browser's window non-maximized, and should be a default Firefox feature/option.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (