Just a problem!!! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I'm using Chinese(trad) version. You can try if you have this problem. I didn't encounter this problem if I disable your addon.
I hope this problem can be fixed!!! This is really an essential addon for me.
1. Using the tab group, make 3 groups, the first two having 2 different tabs, and the last one having the new tab page.
2. Close Firefox and then restart it.
3. Use the tab group and go to the first tab group.
4. Load all tabs.
5. Press the tab group button. Then somehow the names of the remaining tab in the second tab group will become the website(www.facebook.com)not the title(Facebook).
I'm using Aurora 16.0a2, Win XP SP2 x86
I really hope this problem can be fixed. Please help...
Welcome to ask me for further information. thx!