"Upgraded" locally Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure whether the previously meant; updated ext. will be approved or not by the reviewers, therefore here is a hint how to make this working locally
for 7.0 and above:

1. On Win7 find:

(On other OS this part of loc. might be the same or similar...:

2.Jump into this .xpi (in Total Commander a simple double click), then

3. edit install.rdf (as you do with a simple text file)

4. replace the data between the em:maxVersion provosts for 8.* then save&close, 'get out' of archive-view.

5. After copy {792BDDFE-2E7C-42ed-B18D-18154D2761BD}.xpi to your Desktop and browse for the option:
"Install an extension from a file"
Browse, etc...

This should make the trick.
I got this ext. back.
Hopefully you all will.

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