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  • This add-on works just as intended and I haven't had any problems.
  • Exactly what I was looking for, Thank you!
  • Great addon and does exactly what it's meant to do.
  • Seems to work well on 3.5.
    I would suggest changing the icon to a "key" symbol for lock instead of the pin. The yellow exclamation mark-symbol is fine. Also, the icon on the main extensions-menu needs to be cleaned up, as it looks rather blurry (as though it hasn't be scaled up properly).
    Otherwise, nice extension.
  • Great addon but i don't understand what lock does and how can i activate it to do what it's supposed to do? Is lock supposed to prevent you from switching onto that tab or something cos when i clicked on a locked tab it switched to that, unless "locking" it does something else. Please help
    "Lock Tab" prevents from navigating to another URL in current tab.
    Normally, new page is read in current tab when you click a link.
    If the tab is locked, new tab is opened and new page is read in the new tab.

    With "Lock Tab", new tab will be opened in background
    (with "Shift Lock Tab", in foreground).
    If not, please tell me the URL and the clicked link.
  • Exactly what I needed.
    Stops me from accidentally closing the tab when I'm downloading films.
  • No issues like some of stated.
    Works flawlessly!
    With Session Mgr. all tabs locked or protected are remembered!
    it makes me lost 30 opened sites
    If you want protected tab to be preserved among sessions,
    please install newer version and check "save session when protected tab exists" option.
  • I used this add on on my fast dial page. It did the job of protecting the fast dial page but any links clicked on the fast dial page would open 2 tabs of the same page, like its duplicating every link once.

    Had to uninstall until a fix comes up.
    I have fixed the bug, but the new version is still "experimental" now.
    Please install new version from
    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/12536 .
  • This function is the biggest reason why I still use TMP :)
  • Two days after reporting Gmail bugs, an update (currently still "experimental") has been released (0.3.1) fixing them.
  • Does not remember locked tabs between sessions. Permatab would remember tabs and reopen them when starting FF, this needs that option. Also when using Google reader clicking on the side links open a new tab instead of using the same tab.
  • Works great - Except with Gmail. When the Gmail tab is locked (regardless of protect setting for that tab), any links will open twice when clicked once. I've emailed the author with a full bug report.
  • this one is good, what i needed.. =)
  • thank you!

    this is the genius program i was looking for