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  • I was seeking an add-on to make a tab permanent [so i figured "lock" would do it]. Tabloc, whatever it does, doesn't do that.
    It might be a fine tab, but the explanation could be clearer.
  • It's very helpfull. Thanks.
  • thanks a lot for this nice Add-On to lock/protect tabs.
    but would you please add another feature in Options of Tabloc called "Triple Click" in Shourtcut Action to "Lock+Protect" tabs?
    now there is just "Double Click" but I need "Triple Click" not "Double Click".
    for several times I double click on many tabs suddenly and they Lock but I prefer this happened by Triple Click.
    please add this feature.
  • When I click a link in a locked tab, the link is opened in a new tab (which is what I want) but firefox does not switch to it - I have the «Options->Tabs->When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately» setting checked - and in unlocked tabs it works.

  • Session restore is broken - protection/lock is only restored after tab is loaded :(
  • Nice add on
  • Excellent little extension, helps you avoid closing radio tabs :). Still, a couple of new features would make it awesome:
    1) prevent reload
    2) dialog popup when browser closing if any protected/locked tabs exist.
  • worx good so far, but the option "prevent goBack/goForward" doesn't work with Tab History Menu 2.1.1 (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-history-menu/).
    activated "prevent goBack/goForward" but still CAN go back or forwards by just clicking tab and then select.
    5 Stars if this could be fixed.
  • Great to see a replacement for PermaTabs Mod working in new versions of Firefox (10 as I write it).
  • This probably is the future of Permatab Lock.
    Excellent and easy, Sometimes, Forbidden The tabs, I hope the best for this !
  • Tabloc is great but no work @ FF5.0 , Ok in FF4 & 4.0.1
  • I love Tab-Loc functions but its not compatible for FireFox 4.0. One review is get the Pin-Tab confused with Tab-Loc two different functions. I went back to FireFox 3.6.16 until Tab-Loc is upgraded. Thank you for a great add-on!
  • The newest version is not yet reviewed but you can find it using the View All Versions link below.

    The Tabloc icon is not visible while a tab is pinned as an App Tab, but it does work correctly, and the icon is visible again if the App Tab is unpinned. That's the way App Tabs work.
  • i used this before =D great addon for those vid sites that load slow, when i was going through a bizzaro watching everything phase. =))
    suggestion: an auto lock feature, black/white listing for sites. no extra click =)
    reg exp supported would be sweet =))
  • Very nice plugin.

    The only downside is that, when you click a link on a locked tab, the new created tab doesn't get activated.

    If you could fix that, it would be 5 stars for me.

    Anyway, it's a great plugin
  • Es muy util , muchas veces trabajamos con varias pestañas abiertas y con este agregado, es muy seguro mantener nuestras pestañas mas importantes bloqueadas y protegidas...
    Lo recomiendo al 100%.
  • Lock+Protect = Excellent
  • Check out the new tabbed browsing add-on collection, Tabbed Browsing Boost! One of its many add-ons is Tabloc!

  • This addon works great against accidental clicks on the tab-close button, but I would appreciate if it would be able to disable the Forward/Backward buttons (also their shortcuts), close-Firefox-button, and any other possible one-click way that may navigate away from the current page, or cause the page to reload. I have a slippery mouse, and it sometimes jumps to the corners, where the top left and right corners mean a serious problem.
    Please check "prevent goBack/goForward" and "prevent reload" in the setting dialog.
  • Great addon. My favorite one.

  • This add-on works just as intended and I haven't had any problems.
  • Exactly what I was looking for, Thank you!
  • Great addon and does exactly what it's meant to do.
  • Seems to work well on 3.5.
    I would suggest changing the icon to a "key" symbol for lock instead of the pin. The yellow exclamation mark-symbol is fine. Also, the icon on the main extensions-menu needs to be cleaned up, as it looks rather blurry (as though it hasn't be scaled up properly).
    Otherwise, nice extension.
  • Great addon but i don't understand what lock does and how can i activate it to do what it's supposed to do? Is lock supposed to prevent you from switching onto that tab or something cos when i clicked on a locked tab it switched to that, unless "locking" it does something else. Please help
    "Lock Tab" prevents from navigating to another URL in current tab.
    Normally, new page is read in current tab when you click a link.
    If the tab is locked, new tab is opened and new page is read in the new tab.

    With "Lock Tab", new tab will be opened in background
    (with "Shift Lock Tab", in foreground).
    If not, please tell me the URL and the clicked link.