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  • this extension need a shortcut having to move mouse each time to click the icon is too much of a pain and inefficient.
  • This is not a tab locker. Change the name because it does nothing remotely related to locking tabs. It simply forces links to open in new tabs. Call it "Link to New Tab" or something like that. Leave it as is and you're going to keep getting bad reviews.
  • I wanted an app to really lock my tab, I still can close it with the X or with CTRL+W. I wanna protect it from accident closing...
  • Outstanding, does what you expect and even allows for in-page frame links which is essential for many web-based apps.
  • I don't see a menu option for Lock Tab with 66.0.3 on Ubuntu 18.04.2. However, the Auto-lock feature is working, and that's what I really needed. So, meets my needs, but not so great in general. I would love to see an option for "Links open in a new Window" rather than just a new tab.
  • Does not work in FF66...does nothing at all but put a padlock icon on the tab...and what would even be worse if it worked is that it unlocks when you reload a tab...hope the developer can fix these issues as there is no addon out there that will protect a tab...this functionality was provided in TMP.
  • FF60.6 ESR x64 - This addon is a nice attempt to mimick the Lock Tab feature from the old Tab Mix Plus extension, but it's sadly not persistent. When you open FF or reload a page, the lock goes away. Btw, the Protect Tab option would be good to have too.
  • works perfectly -thanks
  • Did not work for me at all. Icon remains grey always ... and the tabs I try to lock don't get locked.
  • The add-on is good up, the markings are not preserved, it would be good if you could refine Auto Lock. As only the main domain lock and not at the same time the supdomain.
  • It is great to have this ability again!!! Thank you!

    However, there are some problems:

    a. If you close a "locked" tab, and then undo it, the lock icon is not there anymore

    b. Why doesn't the extension add menu options (tab menu, context menu, etc) to lock the current tab in addition to the toolbar button?

    Also, this extension would be much more useful to me if it could "protect" tabs as well:

    1. make the Close Tab button disappear
    2. remove the Close (current) Tab option from the menus
    3. display a dialog when attempting to close Firefox when it has a protected tab
    4. ignore protected tabs when using other tab-closing functions (like close-other-tabs, close-tabs-to-right, close-tabs-to-left, etc)
  • This extension does lock a tab and a link that would otherwise open in the same tab opens in a new tab. Nice. But if you refresh the tab, the lock goes away. A more minor event is opening a link from a locked tab makes the lock icon on the tab disappear even though the tab is still locked.

    Nevertheless, I will keep it installed as the best we've got so far. Just have to remember to re-lock every time I refresh a locked tab.

    I also tried the autolock feature. Does work, but it puts three lock icons on the tab that also disappear as described before. And any opened links from the same domain open locked with three lock icons!

    Four stars as this function is so sorely needed, IMO, and am grateful to you for doing what you have done thus far. Any chance for working with the issues I described? Thanks!
  • Does't work ... at all. And I am not interested in changing my config :)
  • - It is well done within limits
    - I still want to use tab protection.
    - Sorry to be unlocked by reloading.
  • only need to add a configurable keyboard shortcut :)
  • perfect! just what i need. thank you kindly!
  • Абсолютно бесполезное дополнение, Предыдущие версии для Firefox НЕ-Квантум были гораздо функциональнее и нужнее!
    Useless addon!
  • 1) To be truly valuable, this extension needs to retain the lock status of tabs after closing/re-opening Firefox. The critical tabs are my pinned tabs which I don't want to get overwritten.
    2) The URL list only works when a complete URL is input. It doesn't respond to partial url's or wildcards.
  • It's a good start. Two suggestions for improvements. One, adjust the colors of the icon for the different settings--at the very least, it can be hard to distinguish the "black" from the "blue" at a quick glance. Perhaps make the colors a bit brighter.

    Two, it would be great if the change in settings could be made permanent (i.e., at least until the user decides to change the settings). While there are some websites where I'm happy to have all links open in the same tab, there are others sites I regularly use where I ALWAYS want all links to open in a new tab and it would be more convenient to not have to remember to click on the icon every time I visit those particular sites.
  • While a tab is locked, whenever i click on a link, it used to open 2 tabs at the same time instead of 1 tab. Please fix it. Thanks