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  • Agréable de découvrir un paysage différent à chaque ouverture de page, je me surprends à rêver...
  • Apprezzo la scelta della variazione dell'immagine di sfondo e la possibilità di scegliere lingue diverse per l'interfaccia
  • nice!
  • Absolutely gorgeous and very useful!
  • 希望主页也可以用这个漂亮插件
  • Very good, maybe best speed dial for Quantum, but not import/export option. Every time you must configure from scratch.
  • Excellent app
  • Thanks for letting me know if you're not busy at all today the update and I wil
  • Simple and elegant
  • I love how customization this extension is. There is an excellent community on github and the creator accepts peoples ideas frequently. My top pick for a new tab page.
  • Just "Wow"
  • Awsome add-on. I love your plugin system. Keep it up!
  • Awesome images I am just now diving into this.
  • Very easy to use, thank you!
  • Perfect. Many thanks for this sweet add-on !
  • 非常好用,希望开发者可以加入中文菜单选项!
  • Very good already, not yet 5 star material as the customization options are not deep enough and/or are as of yet unelegant/convoluted. Some very obvious stuff is not implemented at all.

    Just a taste:
    -There are several greetings according to the time of day (Good evening/night/morning/etc), yet neither the times at which they are displayed nor the messages themselves are customizable beyond adding your name.
    -You can't assign pictures/collections to different times of day. (Sunrise pics for 'Good morning', etc.)
    -One font to rule them all!
    -No option to use your favourite sites' favicons. You have to use generic ones, can't even import your own.
    -Favourites can't be added as clickable snapshots, arrangeable in a grid.
    -Adding these favourites is a bit ardous.
    -No 'Export Settings' feature.

    And there's more that (at least to my mind) is lacking. But the extension is relatively new and does what it says for free = 4 stars.

    Deeper customization options, a less rudimentary UI for said customization = 5 Stars.
  • very clear and useful!gut

  • 很美观
  • I just love it when such a beautiful and inspiring new tab page can be installed free of charge!
  • One of the best Firefox Add-Ons! Keep going!
  • It is very good that I can use my own wallpaper
  • Very cool add-on! Adds an edge to my browsers and makes my laptop look super sleek whenever I'm just surfing the web and casually open a new beautiful tab. I love that I can upload my own HD photo too and the customization of it is great! No complaints at all!
  • Doesn't work on android