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187 reviews for this add-on
  • Beautiful! Absolutely amazing! Takes me somewhere else whenever I open a new tab.

  • I love how it works and how I get to customize alot of stuff but the resolution for custom pictures sucks and its impossible to find out how the degrees work on gradiants

  • Simple and elegant. The developer actually have a good sense in design.

  • Nem sempre ela abre com a pagina.

  • Simple and Clean

  • Beatiful and creative

  • Me encanta, hermosa extensión

  • Très agréable d'avoir une belle page avec une belle image quand on ouvre un nouvel onglet. Extension très bien réalisée, au top !

  • Lindo, buena idea, pero también quisiera ver los enlaces recomendados por firefox y no los muestra.

  • Great extension! Some more finely-tuned customization would be great, but what's available is nonetheless excellent.

  • The best add-on for firefox

  • I live in the U.S and live by the 12-hour format, but I am getting the 24-hour format. If you could please add this as an option that would be great.

    Thank you.

    Developer response

    Hi! Yes, you can use 12-hour time format. Open up the Tabliss setting (click the cog in the top left corner), go down to widgets and expand the "Time" widget settings, the select the format you prefer :)

  • Awesome addon! I love the custom search feature.

  • Great extension, I love it.

  • Great

  • Ate o momento boa

  • Bien fait et modulable à souhait de façon simple et intuitive!

  • Great, simple and user friendly settings. Thank you.

  • Esta muy cool, les quisiera recomentar que tambien hagan que salan las pestañas favoritas de los usuarios y el historial

  • Best add-on ever. I was one of the many that resented having to leave legacy - mostly due to about 3-5 add-ons I need. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to use my own background the way I need to - and this ext. made that possible and then some. It is my homepage and I couldn't be happier. Everything works beautifully, and now I could NOT do without it. Thank you. I LOVE the color option, BTW.

  • Gorgeous, customizable, open source addon.

  • Good way to have *useful* eye-candy!
    Just one issue: it takes up too much space in the address bar - when opening a new tab it displays "(Extension - Tabliss)".
    This is probably Firefox saying that the an extension is managing the new tab page but an easy option to turn it off from Tabliss would be useful.
    Thanks to the developer for a good, useful extension.

  • 非常好。有中文版,界面漂亮,可定制。完美

  • Love it. The new tab page now looks so great, I don't even want to enter a URL anymore :(
    I have noticed though that the temperature doesn't update if you leave a tab open for a while.

  • Awesome