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  • Does every little thing the developer says it does with absolute perfection. I don't need it for anything, but that is beside the point.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the updating of your review! Yes, TableTools2 does not hide a column permanently, because it's hard to do so consistently given that online tables might change from time to time - whether TT2 tries to hide, say 2nd column of 1st table at a given URL, or it tries to use table id (some don't have it) and column header (header change is rare but not unseen) to do so, it could be subject to caveats.

    I could attempt to do it if a more or less fail safe way is found. But before that I'd have to put it on the backburner.

  • Absolutely superb add-on. Thankyou.
    I would dearly like to contribute some $ for this, but your only option seems to be PayPal.
    NOWAYPAL. I will not use that.
    Try something else as well - maybe Google Checkout? You can at least trust them to play nice.

    Developer response

    Well, AMO only uses Paypal, maybe because Google Checkout only allows 'donate' for non-profit organizations or sth. For TableTools2, your kind review is a good reward for my work too. Thanks!

  • The perfect tool for anyone looking to sort, crunch, grab some data on the fly. I'm a news reporter who works with data and love this tool. One feature I'd like is the ability to grab data for paginated tables -- assuming it isn't already a feature! But that's a tall order, given the variability of ways pagination may be coded, esp. on forms.

    Developer response

    Thanks for both your review & donation! Indeed unfortunately that's a feature impossible in many cases. Many paginated tables do not even have other pages' data in Firefox and only retrieve them on-demand through AJAX calls or form submit. That means TT2 won't have access to those data, and thus cannot work on the data.

  • Absolutely stunning piece of code! I only wanted copying columns, but ended up discovering so much more!

  • Only needed 1 feature, and it works perfectly. Can't wait to figure out what the other 142,000 of them do :)

  • Great help in searching long data tables for physics problems. Works fine in Firefox 7.

  • I uninstalled the last Firefox update when it bounced Table Tools as incompatible! This is too useful and necessary for me - thanks so much for this July update! Clicking the donation button now.

  • A really useful extension, with a really nice developer:) He took the time to personally help me out an issue I was having with this add-on (nothing broken, more a function request). I wish more extension developers were so willing to help someone out. Thank you Mingyi!

  • Work so good that I wish I could use it more (FF 3.6.17).
    Use it for developing & also for analysing data in webtables.
    Thanks, your really great.

  • Great addon, very useful! The developer is very responsive also!

  • Great I really liked!
    Only incorrectly handles the point, perhaps a comma
    If looking for a "3,0 ", it finds, and 3000 and 30
    Sort doing "<8500" displays 10000.00: (

    Many thanks for the plug!
    Translations Google Translate:)

    Developer response

    I think I understand how the issue you're seeing might happen for point (but comma should not have this issue, can you double check?):

    1. If you're doing search filtering, and you enter '3.0', TT2 takes this as a keyword search, and would find anything that's 3x0 (why 3x0? It's because TT2 supports Regular Expression search by default, and '.' means Any Character in Regular Expression) like 310, 300, 3000, 3405 ... If you want 3.0 only, use '=3.0' to search instead of '3.0'. Or if you want to find 3.0, 3.05, 3.098 etc., then use '3\.0' to search as '\.' tells TT2 to treat '.' as '.' instead of Any Character.

    2. If <8500 displayed 10000.00, it could only happen if TT2 mistakenly thought the column is string column instead of number column (for example, some number columns have '-----', 'N/A' etc. in them that makes TT2 think it's string column to be safe), and in string comparison, 100000 < 8500 is right. To fix that, you would want to first force sort the column as number column (right click inside table, then choose TableTools2->Sort Column As->Number/Currency), then do the filtering again. This time TT2 remembers the column is number column, so it will do the correct range operations.

  • OK , first of all my English not that good
    i installed TableTools2 with some other extensions , for some reason it did not work the first time , but now after i unistall all the add-ons and reinstall it again it works
    i was trying to be nice ,i am not a damn spammer

    Developer response

    Thanks for updating your review then! I would encourage you to contact addon author if you think you found any issue with any addon again. You can do that by going to the addon details page, and on the right side of the page there's a section named "Need help with this add-on?", under it there's usually "E-mail your question" and/or "Visit the support site". Either way will put you in touch with the author and get issues resolved more effectively

  • :D This is AMAZNG! :D

    I didn't know if you'd update it for FF 4 but you did!! THANK YOU!!


  • Great work and very useful !
    thank's a lot for your work

  • This is a really essential addon for Firefox.
    The sorting and searching features work amazingly well, and with plenty of customisable hotkeys, everything is fast and easy.
    And if you ever find yourself copying data from websites into an Excel document, then this is an invaluable tool.

  • Really very usefull to get all you can get (and more) from an online table. Great add-on! Thanks a lot for your hard work Liu :)

  • Thanks for this Add-on. It's fantastic.

  • Work like a charm! All tabletools(T2F3) users should migrate to this version.