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Great I really liked!
Only incorrectly handles the point, perhaps a comma
If looking for a "3,0 ", it finds, and 3000 and 30
Sort doing "<8500" displays 10000.00: (

Many thanks for the plug!
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This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.1-signed.1-signed). 

I think I understand how the issue you're seeing might happen for point (but comma should not have this issue, can you double check?):

1. If you're doing search filtering, and you enter '3.0', TT2 takes this as a keyword search, and would find anything that's 3x0 (why 3x0? It's because TT2 supports Regular Expression search by default, and '.' means Any Character in Regular Expression) like 310, 300, 3000, 3405 ... If you want 3.0 only, use '=3.0' to search instead of '3.0'. Or if you want to find 3.0, 3.05, 3.098 etc., then use '3\.0' to search as '\.' tells TT2 to treat '.' as '.' instead of Any Character.

2. If <8500 displayed 10000.00, it could only happen if TT2 mistakenly thought the column is string column instead of number column (for example, some number columns have '-----', 'N/A' etc. in them that makes TT2 think it's string column to be safe), and in string comparison, 100000 < 8500 is right. To fix that, you would want to first force sort the column as number column (right click inside table, then choose TableTools2->Sort Column As->Number/Currency), then do the filtering again. This time TT2 remembers the column is number column, so it will do the correct range operations.