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  • Links don't work, except by double-clicking. Existing tabs were all lost with installation: can old tabs be imported? FF 56.0.2.
  • Works great on Basilisk 2018.01.05
    I absolutely cannot browse without this addon. I used it in FF for years. I've used it in Palemoon for years.
    Currently using it in Basilisk Browser, and working great.

    Still has the slight issue with All In One Sidebar that AIOS and Tab Kit get joined together that I mentioned on my prior review.
  • I LOVE this extension. I cannot live without it. Unfortunately, because of that fact, I stayed on an older version of firefox and my computer was overridden with malware.

    Now, I have a new computer and had no choice but to upgrade my firefox. Unfortunately, that now means I can no longer use the Tab Kit. Please update for the newest version of firefox! Is there a donate button or something? I really need it, I can't function without it! Best add-on ever! :( Thank you.
  • I could not do anything in FF after installing. No links worked. Couldn't set any options. The only thing I was able to do was start in safe mode and remove it. FF ver 55 if that makes a difference.
  • I love the grouping features for tabs, i can barely brwose without it, but just recently it has started to always open my home page in a new tab, even on start up.

    Developer response

    If it does not happen when some extension is disabled,
    Then it might be caused by that extension

    We can discuss more if you want to
    Open an issue at https://github.com/tabkit/tabkit2/issues
  • I go nuts when I can't use this addon... I only use FF because
    no other browser has side tabs...

    I resorted to using older versions of FF because the latest
    TabKit 2nd is glitchy... when I click on a link, I have to click
    repeatedly and the browser resizes and jumps all over the

    I will be most appreciative if the glitch could be fixed...

    do you have a paypal donate button anywhere???

    thanks Pikachu

  • It's too annoying when my tab bar can not be placed on left egde on FF 52
    Could author upload an unreviewed / beta version somewhere else so that we don't have to wait for the reviewing?

    Developer response

    You can try to follow the instructions here:

    And I NEVER liked the signed extension system since it's announced
    Just annoying
    Might one day just turn this extension into self-distributed one (but loses auto update though, well...)
  • Does not work in version 52. Therefore, I remain on version 51. And just want to say thank you.
  • Vertical tabs doesn't work in FF52.

    Developer response

    New version already submitted for review > 2 weeks ago
    I can do nothing to speed up that process
  • Great extension but not works since update to FF47.
    Cursor not changing to pointer over links, clicking not working too, either on about:addons.
    When I keep pushed right mouse button it works fine but it's inconvenient.
  • Не открывает ссылки из правой мыши "Открыть в новой вкладке", please исправьте
  • In FF 47.0 funktioniert über Kontextmenü "Link in neuem Tab öffnen" nicht mehr.
    Bitte korrigieren.
  • Compared to other vertical-tabs extensions, this one has two major advantages: 1) the "tree-tabs" capability can be deactivated (no indentation); 2) hides in full screen. No other extension has both capabilities.

    However, it has one annoying bug; sometimes the vertically stacked tabs suddenly become horizontal - just as when they are on top, but still stay within the "sidebar", so they become unusable. Entering the TK2 Options and setting tabs to any other position makes them right again (I can then return them to the original position and they stay fine). I've observed this same problem on two completely different OS-es (Windows and FreeBSD), and on several different computers.

    Other then that, the tabs look a bit graphically awkward; that is, they are the original FF rounded tabs placed upon the colored rectangles, placed upon the (dark) background. But that's a minor issue, please fix the problem with tab stacking if possible and I'll raise the rating!

    EDIT: It seems the same problem is already reported here: https://github.com/tabkit/tabkit2/issues/104.

    Developer response

    Thanks for your opinion!
    For the two issues you have could you provide more details at
    You can upload screenshots there
  • I like this extension, but there's a bug with the 45th firefox, when you try to open tabs they actually don't open, but you can see them (and can not close).

    Developer response

    Sorry for late reply (didn't see email for this review)
    You can try the latest version with many issues with FF 45 fixed
  • If you used this addon because you want vertical tabs, I have found a much better new addon for this, called Vertical Tabs Reloaded. It gives you a choice of tab styles, and it is easily hidden in full screen mode. :)
  • It's one of the few ways to get tabs at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately. FF45.x breaks it badly. Please can you fix it?

    Developer response

    You can try the latest version with many issues with FF 45 fixed
  • I rely on Tab Kit 2nd Edition enough that when it was badly broken by FF version 45, I rolled back to 44.0.2 (in which Tab Kit works fine).

    Have tested FF 45.0.1, & it's no better. I'll wait for a fix.

    Thanks to Pikachu for the single best browser utility ever.

    Developer response

    You can try the latest version with many issues with FF 45 fixed
    Sorry for keeping you waiting :P

    But it might be broken again on 46 o.0
  • I am using Tab Kit 2nd Edition for almost 3 years now and I am very impressed by this software. But when Firefox Update 45.0.1 rolls out, pressing Ctrl+T, new tab doesn't display. I think this is a bug and should be fixed sooner. I badly need this tool.

    Developer response

    You can try the latest version with many issues with FF 45 fixed
  • Please update TK2 for Firefox 45, it's not working properly and have to disable TK2.

    E.g. opening a new tab FF becomes useless, unable to close the new tab, with blank tab name. I have to restart FF and can't open new tabs or else I get what I just mentioned and start over again.

    I don't like the other Tab Kit 2 competitor addons, I've been using TK2 since the beginning.

    Developer response

    I only got Sunday free Q_Q
  • great addon , have been using it for the last 2 weeks, but one feature to make it really usable is missing -> to choose whether a new tab is opend next to the current one (in the tree) or to the far right IN REALTIME (ie call those via left and middle click on the + button) ... also its not possible to drop a tab into its own tree , you can only drop as a child of another tab .. that makes sorting tabs into trees more or less impossible and is only good for reading the order you opened your tabs but sorting it after wards into categorys is just tedious and more or less without fuctionality. a small workaround is to use the duplicate tab command and setting new tab to the far right then you can use + button to make a new tree at the bottom and use duplicate tab to open a tab next to the current one

    probably way to hard to modify this code but i wanted to give my feedback anyways, i searched through your code but couldn´t even find the line where you bind the new-tab-button id
  • hello, the link you give doesn't correspond to my asking^^
    i asked about the possibility to reopen the last 10 tabs i closed. for example i open 20 tabs, i close 10 of them, i continue to surf and need to open the 3rd tab i closed. ("tab utilities fixed" had this function but it is not maintened any more and it is almost unusable since firefox 39 or so)

    Developer response

    Create an issue
  • i cant open any site from address bar
  • And that issue is vertical tab bar not hiding when in fullscreen (Youtube etc. possibly HTML5 only).

    And here is my solution to that:

    Install Stylish extension, create new blank style and paste this code:

    #main-window[inFullscreen="true"] #TabsToolbar {display:none!important}
  • Works pretty well, but with some limitations:
    * In the options, right side put on the left; left put on the right side (not a big problem actually).
    * The tabs with autralis UI are mess (however restoring the old look with an extension, or CTR like suggested, seems to resolve)
    * The main problem is autohide. You can't set an offset in pixels for activating the tree bar and when it is expanded it's always 200 width (you can manually change it, but it'll always revert to 200). Without autohide, the setting is stored.
  • Add-on could be improved to make it better.

    It should be possible to place icons side by side.
    Now if you place an icon at the tree tab in vertical mode icons are also placed vertical. And the space next to the icons is wasted. It could be improved, just like the addon quick search bar add-on how it order search icon.

    Also placing an add-on in vertical mode is not possible.
    The annoying workaround is: you have to temporary order the tabbar at the top.

    The unused space below the tabs in the add-on should not be reserved for other potential tabs but should not be used at all until needed. Ask the develpor of the 'Puzzle Toolbar' for help because he got this working for his corner puzzle toolbar.

    Improvements made in the recent past are hardly noticeable. Further more when does the add-on reach it's maturity? When does it go out of the experimental stage?