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Thanks for the great addon. Please be even awesomer and consider giving us the following features if possible.

Feature Suggestion:
1. Allow a tab context menu option to change the color scheme of a group or all groups. The colours then change randomly, or you can allow the user to select from two groups of colours i.e light colours, or dark colours, Or you can let the user choose from any colour they like.

TK2 is usually good at choosing the right colours for Tabs. But sometimes, the colour actually reduces readability, and at other times the colour looks grotesque with the theme you're using.

Allowing us to change colours will fix this.

2. Allow us to set the Tab width lower. Tab Mix plus allows us to go as low as 50 pixels. But TK2 limits us at 100 pixels.

I understand that you need atleast a width of 100 pixels if the tab bar is placed on the right or the left(to use tree style tabs).

But I use TK2 with Tabs on top as usual, having a width of 100 pixels quickly fills up the tab bar for me.

Tab Kit 2 is overall a great addon. I'd choose it over Tab Mix Plus any day. But please be awesome and give us the above two features.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Suggestion implemented!

1 is added and 2 is applied in 10.0.3
Since the version is not approved yet, download it at