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Congrats on the new job. Thanks for what you've done...this is *the* essential FF utility.

On FF 14, which I just installed, the colors/grouping is working but everything is stuck in a single row. Anyone else seen this? I think I'm going to try to backdate, but would rather solve the problem for the current version.

Backdated to 13, no help. What *does* work is to have both TabKit 2nd edition *and* TabMix Plus installed. Multiple rows, TabKit's color grouping available (but not defaulting to when opening a new tab). I'm in a place I can live with.

One other oddness...since the upgrade to FF14 the ability to drag a tab to a new location has been rendered essentially impossible. Movement is possible, but the tab moves to somewhere other than where the pointer is, and the pointer doesn't seem to be under very good control of the cursor.

This is XP, SP3. I haven't seen any Issue numbers, will try to find 56.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Just keep monitoring Issue 56

I will try to fix that if I can reproduce the problem
Is it Mac only problem?