PLEASE don't abandon TabKit! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

After years of using FireFox exclusively, I still find Tab Kit the only add-on that's truly ESSENTIAL.

Just saw that you're starting a new job. Congrats...but I wish you'd allow users to send contributions so you it would be worthwhile for you to continue development. I pledge $20 right now!

[BTW--the bookmark group feature stopped working w/FF 14...]

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I am not going to stop, but I must slow down

Since I have much less time now
I will only deal with bug reports or small enhancements

To make the project keeping going in a reasonable speed,
I think there should be project leader with more time and skill than myself
(I am not a skillful Firefox developer. Seriously)

BTW The group bookmark feature fixed, will release it in
(Dammit they change the API again!?)