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...I realised sometimes when I open a bunch of links like about 80 at once the close button on every tab vanishes tho I checked the box in the preferences ("show close button on every tab").The weird thing is:it only happens from time to time, maybe every 2nd day. Rebooting Firefox (Using 12.0) doesn't always help out.Restarting the PC also doesn't always help out.Hmm.Looks like it behaves completely like random.And I've been watching this issue for some weeks now, even in the times I had FF11 it was like this. Sometimes I just can't fix it by rebooting and just have to wait.Weird, really weird.And now the flowers: Thank you so much for this handy addon. You've added a context menu where one can get directly to the tab kit preferences. WOW! I'm using this option many times when I'm restoring a session and need to group and ungroup groups to get the colors, when FF has messed my session up and is unable to restore. I was also one of the many who waited with upgrading from FF3.6.28 to 11 until I found a perfect addon like the original tab kit. Pretty good work, Dude. ;) ------- EDIT: Jan, 22nd 2013First I downgraded to FF 9.0.1 and the addon behaviour didnt change on my win7 netbook. Then I upgraded my and hubby's big PCs (also win7) from 9.0.1 to 12.0 and it changed on both PCs by showing close buttons on ALL tabs. Looks like you've changed something. All the random behavior is gone on those PCs. THANKS MUCH!Now up to upgrading my netbook to 12.0 and see what happens.I'll leave a review for that asap.This review is NOT for a previous version of the add-on ( is edited for the nowadays version.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks, and about the problem...

It is always great to see people can upgrade their FF instead of being stuck in old TabKit :)

I only move that option, just cut and paste :P (once you know how it works it's easy

TabKit only change the FF built-in preference ( I mean the close button one
The rest is done by FF itself
See the below link for that function

You can type in "about:config" (ignore the warning =.=),
search "browser.tabs.closeButtons",
and change its value to see how it works (definition in the above link)

If you think it does not work good enough you should file a bug report to Mozilla (0w0)