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  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    I will try CTRL+SHIFT+U but the main issue is that there is nothing I can do change the keys - the only key that does anything is the backspace key and I cannot put anything else in!

    I am running Firefox nightly 64 bit - Minefield V63.0a1

    (previous comment:)
    Loved this addon for years. Have 717 tabs open at present. Glad to see it got updated recently - unfortunately I cannot use it on Windows 10 64bit as the default keystroke CTRL+SHIFT+S opens some firefox debugger tools

    And I cannot alter the keystrokes - can delete keystrokes in the settings but not either type in a sequence such as CTRL+SHIFT+Y in text or using the 3 keys. There is no toolbar or menu item so I simply cannot get to it.
    And no, I do not have the CTRL+1 option enabled.

    I am using AllTabs Helper instead - it's a tad clunky, but would use TabHunter in preference if I could get to it.

    Developer response

    Sorry to hear that. There aren't many key-combinations that aren't owned by Windows. I got Ctrl-Shift-U to work (see https://github.com/ericpromislow/tabhunter/issues/92#issuecomment-393412713 ) And maybe you can use the Customize feature to put the Tabhunter icon in the toolbar
  • This once-awesome add-on, whose functionality is as indispensable as glasses to a severely myopic person and ought to have been part and parcel of Mozilla's Firefox distribution a long time ago, has been going from bad to worse, partly for changes in Firefox itself. At version 1.0.5, it was almost perfect. Then, due to Electrolysis, it became a lot slower at least. It would not be a problem if the author could set the compatibility range properly, so that it does not upgrade itself on older platforms that retain older functionality. For this single offending add-on, the otherwise useful automatic updating of add-ons must be switched off. But at least we got had a comfortably large and, above all, resizable window. Since about version 2, we got this loathsome, ridiculously clumsy non-resizable window, that sits at only about 1/9 of my pretty average 1920 x 1200 screen, making me scroll it to and fro in every direction for just about any query, if this is not meant to be pure design sadism, then it surely is an exercise in colossal stupidity and perceptual incompetence. What is wrong with the Western world and its craze for this dumbed-down minimalistic design: the bigger screens we have, the more controls get tucked away and hidden, which not only arrogantly lays the purportedly precious screen estate to waste, but also drives user interaction complexity to insanely high levels?! If i have a large screen, I want to have a rich visual interface with all the controls at hand! (That is why we get large screens, not to be forced to squint through some claustrophobic window, trying to glean the information that we want in a desperate struggle against the dictatorship of erratic and, especially as of late, often almost invisible scrollbars!) Sadly, because of the claustrophobic, non-resizable window, Tabhunter has become such a pain in the ass to use that it makes one puke with fury and anger... and, as such, Tabhunter has reached the point of virtual unusability. The fading of unloaded tabs will not help it. It may be much faster now, but it is negated by the need to type something into the search bar to make something appear in the search pane, e.g. a space if I want to get list of all open tabs, as I got them before. (Again, on design sadism: if there is some search facility with a search icon, why I cannot just click into the search bar to focus it and start typing, why do I have to click on the search icon to reveal the search bar before I can focus it ans start typing into it?!)
    Current versions of Firefox no longer support extensions as standalone windows, so I'm locked to the current size. Have you looked at the PaleMoon browser at https://www.palemoon.org/ ? I don't use it myself, but it probably works with version 1.0.5
  • Hotkey combinations are not saved. Ctrl-5 on Windows switches to fifth tab.
    Logged at https://github.com/ericpromislow/tabhunter/issues/92

    I assume you have the "Ctrl-1 for Item 1 etc." pref checked
  • Finally. A way to find the tabs I need from any of my open windows. With the added bonus of easily finding the tabs that are producing audio!
  • It is so cool that i even decided to find my password and login to give it 5 stars. The search audio playing tabs is killing feature. TY very mush!
  • C'est exactement ce que je cherchais. Quand on a plusieurs fenêtre et plusieurs onglets c'est facile de retrouver le bon, surtout avec l'affichage de l'URL. Ce serait bien d'ajouter une ligne séparation par fenêtre.
    Merci pour la revue. Avec le version courrant, on peut voir les onglets par fenetre/position. Il n'y a pas une ligne de séparation mais les nombres au commencement de chaque ligne devrait offrir assez d'information. (Et merci pour me donner un excuse de utiliser mes leçons français de lycee sécondaire sans google translate)
  • Great addon. It could be a even better though.
    For example when I open the window, the search field is not focused by default, so I have to click it manually.
    Another thing - if there is already text from previous search, clicking on the text field should select it, so it can be deleted when you start typing.
    Also a shortcut for opening the window would be nice.

    Thanks for the reply. I'm typing my reply here because I don't see any other way.
    I have 2.0.4 and I can change the shortcut, but it is not working whatever I change it to.
    The focus on search field on opening is really not working for me. On two different computers with the newest FF and one with a little bit older FF.
    Your first request should be covered in 2.0.3. The shortcut for opening is currently hardwired to ctrl-shift-T on osx, alt-shift-T elsewhere, but this can be overwritten by another extension. I've submitted a patch to firefox to allow users to change launch shortcuts, but it hasn't been accepted yet.
  • This has saved my life since new FF57 has killed my Tabs Mixed Plus.

    Only one suggestion and I'm sure a VERY simple fix. If you can put an X at the end of the pattern and URL fields to delete the text that is already in there and set the cursor ready for typing. I don't like having to select and delete the current text so I can just type the new pattern in there without having to select myself.
    Welcome from Tabs Mixed Plus. As you're probably aware, almost all of us add-on writers have had to either do a near-total rewrite to comply with the new FF57 API, or abandon our projects. I've gradually been reinstating the old behavior from earlier versions of Tabhunter, and having the existing pattern selected like you suggested is in the backlog.

    And.... you're absolutely right -- it was a matter of adding a short line of code. It's in version 2.0.3 right now.
  • Helps find tabs across a couple hundred I often have. Just works. Fast.
  • I updated to 1.0.29 from which is now more compatible with Palemoon v27.0.x. When using Palemoon v26.x any version above would forget the entry in the search box when the Tab Hunter window was opened so I stuck with

    I updated to the most recent (v1.0.29) and the search is now remembered but every time I open the Tab Hunter window it searches for tabs and it is incredibly slow! 600+ tabs takes quite a while whereas did it almost instantly and would only search when return was hit which worked much better and was much faster when the search did not need to be repeated. I use it to trim old repeated tabs which build up and having to re-search every time males it take far more time than I want.

    My advice is stick to the older version which works fast and provides what you need providing that it works with your browser version.
  • version working fine on FF 40.0.3
  • This addon is very important to tab addict like me! I love that it remembers what I searched for prior, searches for both URI & title & shows the tab's favicon, title & URI in the result (not just the title of the tabs), doesn't close on its own until I am done (configurable), able to select multiple tabs (hold shift or ctrl key) to close or copy many tabs at once and the option to customize my own keyboard shortcut too!

    @anonymoose I have the same problem from time to time (at least it sounds similar). I am not too sure what caused it since I have loads of other addons installed & way too many tabs opened at the same time. The following is how I fixed mine. It doesn't happen too often so I am recalling this solution from memory.
    -> * Go to about:config, search for 'tabhunter'. You should see 'extensions.tabhunter.screenY' & 'extensions.tabhunter.screenX', set each of their value to 200 (mine were sometime reset to -32000 for some reason. It doesn't need to be set to 200 exactly, just a value that will allow you to see it on screen.) You may need to restart browser, but normally I didn't need to. This should bring it back to being visible, at least it did for me.
    (* Make sure the tabhunter window is closed before trying to change the value or it may rewrite to save the last opened position which in my case was -32000.)
  • still working on my FF34.05,
    and collaborate with addons of VimFx and Numbered Tabs and TreeStyleTab to form a unbeatable keyboard netvigation system. (other than vimperator / pentadactyl )
  • I'm absolutely addicted to tabhunter because I'm terrible about keeping a huge number of tabs open. Tabhunter was a lifesaver.

    A few months ago, however, suddenly it started opening in the background, and no matter what I do I cannot get it to be visible - including minimizing all the other firefox windows, trying to select the tabhunter window from the start menu, etc. Which makes it totally unusable and makes me very very sad.

    If ANYONE has an idea of why this happened or how I might fix it, please let me know. I've already tried both disabling then re-enabling it. I've tried uninstalling it entirely, then installing it directly from add-ons again. No joy.

    I'm still back on Firefox 29 (I know, I ought to upgrade) - and windows 7 home premium. I have a number of other add-ons also, but haven't added any new ones when this problem started although I may have updated them (not sure, but don't think I'd even done that when this problem occurred.). I don't have any other tab managing type add-ons (e.g., NO tabutlities or anything like that). I do use the vertical tabs add-on, but that's about it for anything that has anything to do with tabs, and tabhunter worked great for a long time with vertical tabs, so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem).

    Before this problem I would have rated tabhunter 5 stars in a split second. Today it's a zero because I can't use it - so I compromised and gave it 3 stars.

    I would be incredibly grateful if anyone can help me fix this problem so I can use tabhunter again!
    I haven't see this problem -- if I had, I would have certainly fixed it by now (these days I can't get below 300 tagbs on my main machine).

    How do you run firefox? One maximized window, n cascading windows, or how? Even when I maximize the window Tabhunter shows up above it.

    - Eric
  • It doesn't remember its previous position. Though it does remember its previous size.

    All I really wish is for it to open centered over the firefox tab. I close tabhunter, move the firefox window and *poof*: ideally when re-opened tabhunter would still be centered over the tab.

    Modal is bad. Side/Bottom-bar is bad. I think the new JS canvas drawing API (jetpack/addon-sdk) is perfect because you can position the window relatively, and it will never become hidden behind firefox. Ideally it would just disappear when focus is lost.

    There should be different shortcuts for url/title and text search.

    Text search should center the match on the terms (re the addon 'Hugo'). Furthermore, enter should activate the search box, or find-as-you-type should be incorporated. Search should target either the HTML/XML or plain text (text nodes). Lastly, search should optionally use matched urls/titles.

    Sorry, its a really great addon, but I've been using it so often that I chafe under these constraints. Recently I found Hugo which overlaps much of Tabhunter's functionality, yet with its own shortcomings so that I can't really switch.
    So I wrote Tabhunter for 3 main reasons, in decreasing priority:

    #1. I needed something to manage hundreds of tabs over 6-10 windows
    #2. Once I came up with the name, I had to use it
    #3. I thought a few other people could use it

    ... which explains why I have fixed very few bugs in the last 5 years or so.

    I have no problem with the modal window, considering that I don't always know which window a particular tab is in, I don't mind the small window. As for the position problem, is this on Linux?

    Text does let you target either HTML or plain text. There might be an XPath expression that lets you match across two adjacent text nodes, if you're looking to do something like that. And the text search also lets you constrain the text-search to the current set of matched URLs.

    Feel free to open new bugs at https://code.google.com/p/tabhunter/issues/ -- one issue per entry, please. I'm happy to accept patches (and PRs, if I ever move the code to GH, but google's been serving me fine). Anything that changes the UI needs to have an associated preference to keep the current look and feel going.
  • It's not working on firefox 29. Before opening the search window it closes the tab where you launched it. Please fix, great program, can't live without it. UPDATE: I've change my TabUtilities version and apparently that fixes tabhunter problem. I will test it a little more.
    Added in http://code.google.com/p/tabhunter/issues/detail?id=55

    I knew there was a reason I instinctively was sticking with FF 27/28
  • Works great in Firefox 25.01. You're a life saver. I don't know what Mozilla was thinking when they got rid of the Ctrl+Tab-search feature. Their search function in tab groups is useless when you have 100+ tabs open. You made Firefox usable again.

  • I actually know who Tab Hunter the actor is. I watched some of his movies growing up. He's wasn't a great actor by any means, but he'd be honored to know a Firefox add-on exists with his name on it. :)

    The add-on works as advertised and does a very good job of it. I just click on the icon, type in a full or partial string, click Go, and voila! a list of tabs containing the relevant info. Simple to use, but gets the job done. Many thanks to E. Promislow.
  • You say after installing, click the Customize button after clicking next to the minimize button? And they choose Tab Groups? Well, you're a cheat! That Tab Group is from the browser itself. You suck.
  • This is a killer plugin for keyboard Ninjas. I routinely have 30-60 tabs open for research and other work and Tabhunter has become INDISPENSABLE for me. This is the first time I've been compelled--as far as I can remember--to write a review of a plugin!

    One suggestion: when the tabhunter window shows, say, three matches, it would be nice to be able to CMD-X or CTRL-X or something to immediately switch to the xth tab in the list...
    Finally got that in. Ctrl-N, on all platforms, goes to the Nth tab in the list, for the first 9 items in the list.
  • Don't you hate it when you restore your Firefox session, and somewhere among the many windows, and many many tabs in each window, there's a YouTube video (or several) talking to you? This can be very annoying, startling, or embarrassing, depending :-) Enter Tabhunter. Right out of the box, just hit Ctrl-Alt-T, type "youtube" in the search box, and double-click on the url! Thank you!!!

    And if you upgrade, there's an "Audio Only" button that will help you find those youtube pages (which of course are now silent by default).
  • I love Tabhunter.

    One thing I think it needs is a way to remove duplicate tabs at once. Most people probably don't need this but at times I have 100 or more tabs open and a lot of them are duplicates. Another thing that would be nice is to be able to Ctrl+A to select all results so that I can deselect the results I want to keep and remove the rest.

    Thanks for the great extension!

    (I would have reported this as a feature request but I couldn't figure out how to.)

    Both those issues sound useful, in particular removing duplicates automatically.

    And current versions show duplicates in orange.
  • Hello, Eric! Many thanks for this best Extension!
    I'm think, it can be finally useful if you may add to it feature for remember place and dimensions of floating window. It's usable on many causes for accurate users.
    Please see