Creates random anonymous groups Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I know im really anooying but ill try to tell you what to do to reproduce the problem im talking about.
1) Open the panorama interface,and create a group without name or tabs.

2) Click tha panorama button to exit the interface

3) Click the drop down arrow and see the panorama button changing its appears (it shows that another group was created,not two groups but 3 groups)

4) Enter the panorama interface and see that there is the main group,the new group without name that you created before and another new group with "anonymous and a random number"


1) Generally create a new group (from the panorama interface),exit the menu ,click the drop down arrow and see the button reflects that another groups have created.

2)Enter the panorama interface and see another groups were made apart from those that we had created :/

I wish i could explained it to you better :/

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Yeah, I see what the problem is now :-D. Thanks a lot for your explanation. I almost never use the panorama view so I do not realize the problem. Anyway please try version here and see if the bug still exists.