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Im kinda surprised you couldn't reproduce the problem. When i open the Firefox (version 6.0.2),the panorama list button shows "anonymous 2" group (with empty tabs of course).

Even if im creating multiple tabs in the main firefox group,the add-on doesn't recognized them,it still shows "anonymous 2" but with 0 tabs in it.I have to enter the panorama interface,click the "anonymous 2" group and create tabs in there in order to be seen in the button.

And when im creating new anonymous groups myself,the add-on creates another groups with names like "anonymous 4" or "anonymous 5" and i have to put tabs in it in order to be seen.(groups with names created by me have no problem)I hope i became more clear this time :/ (it happens in version as well)

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Group displayed with (Anonymous: n) does not have a title, the addon just display them with such title. When you view them in the panorama view they won't be displayed with (Anonymous: n) but just have an empty title.