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Thank you so much for providing a new version but i tried it and the problem exists...kinda differently this time :/

I made two anonymous panorama groups with a couple of tabs in them,the panorama button recognized them,but unfortunately when i hover the groups in the button in order to show the tabs that they include,they show nothing,just "new tab".I clicked the panorama button to go into the panorama interface and i saw,that the add-on had created another two anonymous groups without tabs in it :( Can you reproduce this problem now?

Im sorry for not being that clear,English in not my native language :/ I hope im not becoming that irritating,im just trying to inform you because this add-on is so useful :)

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Sorry, but I cannot reproduce your problem. I made two anonymous groups (in the panorama view) and made several tabs in them, the tabs are shown and I can select them. Also the addon *only* creates a new group when asked by selecting the New Group or New Subgroup menu item.

One thing you can try is to check if your tabs have moved to another group (use % [tab title] in the address to find tabs). If you are still experiencing the problem you can try to create an issue here http://code.google.com/p/tabgroupsmenu/issues/entry and attach some screenshot.

I welcome any bug report (although I may not always have the time to fix them) and English is not my primary language either :D.