Unnamed multiple groups? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yes,i know how it works in the menu bar(i have mine disabled though),i was talking about the panorama button,but im actually figure out the problem.It seems it cannot recognize two or more panorama groups "unnamed".It shows only one at a time.In the previous version,it showed every group,unnamed or not.

But when i renamed the groups (in this version),they appeared in the button's list.Can you reproduce this situation im talking about?Its not a big deal but i thought i should inform you.Maybe its made this way.

Anyway,i should really thank you for your help and im sorry for being such a pain :(

5 stars for the SUPER add-on! Version has so many new amazing features!Keep up the great work!

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I have fixed the bug, thanks a lot for your report :). It will take about a week until it's being reviewed, so in the meantime you can install the fixed one from.