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  • Tab Groups and other disappearing addons is why I preferred Firefox. Thank you, developers.
    For anyone interested, I found a native Firefox workaround for Tab Groups and Tab Groups Menu. --> http://attic.e-motiv.net/fyi/tab-groups-workaround
  • To all who want another choice now this no longer works.
    Don't check the current top choice TabGroups Manager
    TabGroups Manager Revived

    The original is unsupported and author disappeared in 2011 after Japanese Tsunami disaster (Unknown if alive).

    TGM was created long before Mozilla tried there stupid system.

    It uses an extra TabBar to group Tabs
    Why would you use anything else.

    It can be auto hidden and is a must have tool, long broken and kept alive by users outside the official pages, due to inability to reach original author.

    Now it's been accepted on AddOns, at long last.

    Try it out, for me it's the reason I use Firefox, and if it went to another browser, i would follow.

    It suspends, and hibernates groups until you need them.

    I have 1000's of tab groups saved ready to go on a simple click.

    @ developer, they could use more help, but focus is maintaining functionality of original, it's that good.

    Note I refuse to score addons by stars, so ignore that number, i don't use this, but checked it out, when TGM looked dead. Read about impending demise of mozillas silly method, and now return as it is now apparently gone.
  • This add-on is so simple yet so useful!

    I really hope this gets updated to work again following Firefox removing native Tab Groups.
  • It doesn't work with the latest nightly. Any chance of fixing that? If you tell me that it does work with it, then there could be a possible conflict with two other great tab extensions, Tab Groups 2 b1, and TabGroups Helper 1.0.23. It's so hard to get tab management to work properly in Nightly, cause they are always changing things that break the extensions. It's a shame, cuz I love using E10's (multi-process), and it's hard to use Firefox without it. I used to love using your extension back in the day, so a fix would be nice. Thanks if you can!
  • TabGroups Menu 0.9.9 still requires me to disable and reenable this plugin, every time I start Firefox, in order to see the plugin's dropdown arrow, next to the Panorama button that is supplied by the Tab Groups plugin. **NOTE** This problem happens because TabGroups Menu does not work correctly while AdBlock Plus is installed and enabled.
  • As said in a review by liule, it needs to be started after Tab Groups extension in order to replace its button successfully, but after restart FF runs this extension first, then Tab Groups. I actually see no reason to replace Tab Groups button now instead of adding a new one. Also, there's no setting to remove the Groups menu, there should be such setting.
    EDIT: No, actually it doesn't work at all after restart, not even in FF44. Only disabling and re-enabling it helps. Yes, I use AdBlock Plus.
  • This is definitely my most useful add-on. It's actually one of the main reasons I still use Firefox. However, a while ago I used to be able to bookmark all tabs and I'd be bookmarking them in their groups with just one action. Now I can no longer do that -- maybe it's the newest Firefox version??? Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know a solution? Bookmarking tabs in groups all at once by date adds another layer of security and allows you to close all the tabs you are hoarding (if you wish), start over., and know that the tabs have been saved to your bookmarks..
  • The dropdown menu for the Tab Groups icon no longer appeared. Going back to the previous version solved the problem. It's a very handy addon...makes it much easier to navigate through tab groups (if the icon works).
  • One of the most useful extensions. Just replaced ordinary tab groups with this popup, it's much more convenient. I hope, it will work as it does now after tab groups removal in FF 45.
  • Very great addon! But ff45 is going to remove the panorama feature, with the replacement being https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-groups-panorama/.
    I've tested that this addon does not work with the Tab Groups extension. I hope it will be fixed soon. Many thanks!

    Hi, char101,
    Thanks for your reply. I have the same versions as yours and it also works for me now, though it is a bit tricky:
    1. disable both extensions
    2. enable 'Tab Groups'
    3. enable 'TabGroups Menu'
    Luckily it requres no restart for disabling/enabling either extension. The order of enabling matters!
    It works for me (FF 44.0.2, Tab Groups 1.0.2, TabGroups Menu 0.9.8).
  • Can you make sure that this extension is compatible in Firefox 45? Thanks!
  • Very useful and convenient addon. Minimalistic in design, but with it, using Tab Groups is easy and natural.

    But will it be compatible with Tab Groups extension, that replaces native Tab Groups in 45? If not, I plan to stay on 44, got very used to Tab Groups Menu! :)
  • Sadly always incompatible with Adblock Plus since many months.

    Don't work with ABP: The menu disappear as soon you restart Firefox.
  • CC: @miko007
    I also have the disappearing menu option issue that is described by @miko007. I am so glad @miko007 may have found the root cause (I will experiment). It's very annoying that the tabgroups menu does not always appear upon restarting firefox. I will say this... after closing FF and re-opening it multiple times, it will finally show the original tabgroups menu and all my tabs in their groups. This sometimes takes SEVERAL restarts.

    An annoying bug! Please fix!! Thank you for a wonderful tool though.
  • Perfect as a motivation to developer.

    But please fix delayed loading of group list, only first interaction (Move to Group) loads list, only then drop-down lists group. Both menu and button.


    Independent: It would be great invisible groups would be loaded, save memory.
  • The latest update of Speed Dial (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/speed-dial/?src=userprofile) has directly affected the functioning of Tab Groups Menu.The TGM was simply removed from the Menu Bar. I know this because it did the same in Firefox Browser & TOR Browser. Now I don't know how to access & edit my Tab Groups. Please correct this bug.
  • How to off autoupdate Tab ?
  • Love this. I am a tab junkie...usually more than 300 open. (yes I use them all). This is a great utility and easier to navigate than the speed dial view. It also didn't bork my settings like some of the other add-ons did.
  • Just an update to my glowing review earlier. I'm having the same glitch that gouptoo mentions, and it is quite irritating although apparently not causing any serious issue. Sometimes selecting of listed tabs (with CTRL-Click) cause a jump to a random tab from any other group, losing all selections as well. EDITED TO CORRECT THIS, WHICH DOESN'T SEEM TO BE TRUE - [It seems to happen particularly when selecting tabs above (i.e. to the left in the window, as I haven't got the reverse option on), rather than being to do with the number of them. I experimented and found that even selecting one tab above the current one caused it in some cases.] --- I've no idea what conditions it happens under, just seems completely random, and can happen with a single selection above or below.

    I'm sorry to report this here, but following the link above supposedly to the support area doesn't seem to give much indication of where to go to report it, and reporting bugs seems a perfectly sensible use of these threads. Still a really useful extension, but I hope this issue can be solved. Do let me know where that is if you'd prefer me to go somewhere else. Thanks.

    Suggestion for additional feature: a "Return" - to go back to the last used tab from whatever group you were in. Additionally, perhaps, a little dynamic menu of recently visited tabs could be useful. Dragging and dropping tabs within the same group to re-order them might be good too. To complete the wish-list, if I could quickly put all tabs into bookmarks in their respective group structure, perhaps under a date-stamped folder, or have that happen automatically on a chosen schedule, that would be brilliant.
  • My windows crashed and recovered,didnt affect my firefox profile somehow.I have two windows on separate screens,and for some reason I have to customize each separately.Now for some reason TabGroups Menu works on one window but incorrectly in the other.Im also having the opposite problem with recently closed tabs,it works in one window but not on the window tabgroups still works in.searching has only gotten me simplistic answers that are no help at this stage.Ive tried disabling and redownloading the addon,trying a different addon,restoring default toolbars,customizing one window from the others option plane,everything.This addon is important as i have 300 something unloaded tabs i wanted to keep grouped,I know they're still there.

    If I find the solution on my own i will post,If anyone else has any ideas Im open to hearing them.
    If you're using linux, you need to downgrade to version 0.9.2. As a side not I'm not maintaining this addon anymore, since I have written a new one https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-groups-button/
  • Very handy.

    Will like to see:
    Show number of groups over button like here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-view-number-of-groups/
    Open button menu on mouse over.
    Allow to drag&drop tabs from the tab bar, over button (auto open menu), onto the group.

    Ctrl+click (to select) switches tabs sometimes (after ~5 clicks)
  • A hugely useful plugin for FF users whom Group tabs. Registered with Mozilla just to say thanks from long time TabGroups Menu user.
  • no longer working and apparently abandoned
  • Doesn't work in Firefox 33.1.1
  • Great extension to expand the usage of Tab Group. Unfortunately, if the currently Nightly is the way forward, then this extension is broken. The last functional Nightly that is compatible with this extension is from 20140915.

    Update 03-Nov: I have found a good alternative, Tab Groups Helper.