UPDATE: intent to revive Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi all,

It looks like the maintainer for this module has dropped out of sight. I was in coorespondence with him over a period of time, and he was severely affected by Fukushima, and I hope that everything is alright with him.

If I'm unable to get back in contact and he doesn't show up here soon, my intent is to take over maintenance of this module, beginning with solving the compatibility issues some of you have noted. I expect that will be somewhat of an uphill battle at first, and hope that you will bear with me, as I work to keep it in order and make some changes.

Otherwise, this is a plugin I can't really imagine living without. It lets me manage thousands of tabs and multiple projects effectively-- it's sort of like, having the ability to create dynamic books of useful information for each project on the fly, but also much more. Thus, highly recommended.