Problems in FF17 Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Great plugin, but in FF17 it stopped working correctly. Now, tabs re-arrangement sometimes causes invisible tabs or tabs that cannot be closed. FF restart fixes this temporarily (until another tabs re-arrangement). Yunobu2 already reported this below (in Japanese ;-) ).

By "re-arrangement" I mean changing order of tabs within a tab-group using the mouse. I have lots of tab-groups with lots of tabs inside. When drawing a tab into another position, the tab usually either suddenly disappears leaving empty space in the tab-bar, or it shows itself over other existing tabs in the tab-bar. Since this moment, all other tabs being re-arranged behave the same, and often the tabs at the end of the tab-bar cannot be closed (right click displays menu as if there was no tab below the cursor).

The support site does not work, so I'm reporting this problem here.