One of very few essential "superb design" add-ons for serious browser use, and one of the first I install. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Been using this for 3 years, time to update my review.

Superb. One of my (few) "Do Not Browse Without It" add-ons. Allows you to do everything very neatly, and (Firefox 12-16) bug free as near as I can tell on any big stuff. Drag drop, Hibernate, Suspend, Reorder, AutoBackup, Versatile, and yet not obtrusive.

No slowdown even on huge sessions (tested on 1000+ tab use to give an idea).

What I use it for:

I can have a "group" bar of "projects or jobs I'm doing" and keep all tabs on one project together, suspend when not working on it, resume when I want to, and it's right there on my browser where I naturally look for it.

Brilliant - please take this as great thanks!

One request - any chance of an option for the group bar on the left or right, as well as top/bottom? Would allow far more groups to be visible and better managed? :)

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