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  • ABSOLUTELY imporant.

    But also key important to create a version that works with Firefox Nightly (v.51, etc.). Our company computers have often over 500 and even more tabs we are supervisoring, therefore we need this addon badly.
  • Addon have one seriously shortcoming: pined tabs can't making general for all tab groups, not related's to any group.
  • This is the only tab group manager that actually and properly allows me to manage tab groups. This is the main reason why I've never seriously considered a different browser -- none of the other browsers has anything like this. (Vivaldi's tab stacking is somewhat similar, but much less useful for me.)

    I'm for now still on FF 56. I may stick around a while with FF ESR 52. But eventually I'll have to look for a browser that stays up to date, and without this plugin, FF is for me just like any other browser.

    A big thanks to the group that fixed the original plugin. You've made my day every day for quite a while.
  • Cannot imagine my FF usage without this extention
  • I will miss you :(

    Switching to Opera if this Add-on and tree-style don't continue.
    Vertical Tabs by kroppy is very close to tree style+TabGroups manager. Not perfect, but close.

    Thank you so much to those involved. Mad respect & love.
  • A huge thanks to Miguel Romero for all his efforts in keeping this invaluable addon alive. The add-on itself is amazing, but it has been on life support for a long time, and with the oncoming advent of FireFox 57 which will basically kill all the existing add-ons, it seems that the time has now finally come to move on.

    I was very anxious at the thought of having to live without TGM which has been the cornerstone of all my browsing for years now. I have literally thousands of tabs in dozens of tab groups in three different profiles that I would need to migrate. The choice was between going to PaleMoon or finding a Chrome add-on that was up for the daunting task.

    After careful research I found that "Tabs Outliner" has everything I need to migrate from TGM and onto Chrome. It is an extremely flexible tool and in many ways even more powerful than TGM. It's VERY highly recommended. If memory usage is an issue, you can couple it with "The great suspender" which does something similar to the TGM "suspend group" feature. But unlike TGM, Tabs Outliner allows you to only open certain tabs within a group, so my memory usage has actually dropped very significantly after switching.

    Migrating everything was a bit of a hassle, and the add-on definitely has a learning curve - but now that I'm done, I'm happy (though nostalgic) to say goodbye to both TGM and Firefox.
  • I would like to have the option to choose the tab groups from some menu or widget on the toolbar instead of having the GroupBar present all the time. That is consuming space I'd like to have for the web page itself.
  • This is a very useful add-on in the vein of "Too Many Tabs" for those with too many tabs for their own good. It doesn't take that many open tabs before the RAM usage of FF becomes significant at the expense of other system processes, and the browser itself slows down to less than what is practically bearable.

    TGM(r) is a well-thought out and engineered assistance which makes life bearable again and allows you easy control over a massive number of tabs, to hibernate them and recall them at will, saving you precious ram, resources and potential bother in case of a browser crash.

    The downside is that is initially has a steep learning curce since it has so many functions that it's baffling to understand it all for a new user! Of course, this is the cost of an expert tool... when you get to know it, you will find out how refined control of your browser it offers.

    I do really hope that the developers manage to migrate to the new add-on system, as the FF world will be poorer for the lack of it.
  • Tab Groups and other disappearing addons is why I preferred Firefox. Thank you, developers.
    For anyone interested, I found a native Firefox workaround for Tab Groups and Tab Groups Menu. --> http://attic.e-motiv.net/fyi/tab-groups-workaround
  • With the new web extensions paradigm, what is the future of TabGroups Manager revived? This is a critical piece of software for me.
  • I do not code but am a curious user. Noodling around with display settings, my tab groups titles are legible ( no white text on light gray ). Tabs on bottom also a big plus ! Bravo on an excellently designed add-on !

    OS 10.12.6 FF55
  • Thank you!
    One small glitch - wherever on Tabgroups bar I move a group called "Stories", after restarting it goes always to the first place of all groups. Annoying :(
  • Good news to have support for this great addon, which is compatible also with old Firefox versions (pre Australis)
  • With the 04/16/17 "TabGroups Manager revived" update (v9) prior issues appear to be fixed. I'm using FF ESR channel v45.0. (ESR offers stability at the expense of new features offered on the standard FF).

    Coupled with Tab Utilities Fixed (by YFdyh000) & Session Manager (by Michael Kraft) add-ons produces a phenomenal Firefox setup for those that need to manage large number of opened tabs. I regularly maintain 200-300 tabs across 20+ groups.

    Thank you miguelromero2000, stilez, & other contributors! This has become a must have add-on which keeps me using FF over Chrome and MSIE. Keep up the great work keeping TGM revived!
  • thank you for excellent addon
  • This is my favorite and most used Firefox extension. It works well to keep tabs sorted as I like. However, a couple of issues:

    1. In the newest releases of Firefox (ie v51+), it's possible to create a new Tab group, but not possible to add any tabs to said group. This is a rather significant drawback.

    2. In addition, in any version of Firefox that I have installed this extension, the number of hibernated tabs never changes regardless of how many tabs are actually hibernated. This number starts at 20 and remains at 20 constantly. Not a huge problem, but if the developer is going to take the time to create such a display/feature, it would be better if the results of that display were actually accurate.

    Further, has this extension been abandoned as the original extension was? Hasn't been any update for over a year now and no information from the author regarding it's future status. Until such time that it might be upgraded to work correctly with current Firefox releases, I'll just have to happily remain at v50.1.0.
  • EDITED: Unfortunately, I have discovered a few more issues:

    1. When right clicking a link and telling it to open in a new group, the new group will open, but the tab will be blank. That's a pretty annoying issue.

    2. When using the Tree Style Tab and Tab Mix Plus addons and there is a problem with startup/restart, the new tab '+' button that comes after your open tabs and the close tab buttons you can place on the tabs themselves (TMP option) will very often disappear and Firefox will need to be restarted again to make them reappear. I realize this might not be the fault of this addon, but it is worth mentioning.

    Original Review:

    To be clear, I really like this addon; it works fairly well, and I would definitely recommend it to others who like organization. However, I personally have run into 2 issues that bring down the rating for me.

    1. After using Firefox for a long time, like when the memory usage is super high and such, I can get several errors ("out of memory", "error code ###", etc) upon trying to restart - it also asks me to save a backup of the groups each time this happens so I can end up having to close 4-5 popups before Firefox will close -, and sometimes, tabs will move to the main group if something goes wrong at startup. This isn't a "for certain every time" kind of thing though, but it is often enough to be annoying for me since Firefox often needs to be restarted to fix memory issues and such. (I can provide screenshots).

    2. The button to close a group on the TabGroups toolbar sits directly over the button to close a tab on the Tabs toolbar when tabs are set to 'on bottom' and using TabMixPlus' close tab button (a setup many people use). It's just SOOO darn easy to hit one when you mean the other! Thankfully, you can recover closed groups, but still... being able to customize the close group button's location to the other side or maybe hide it entirely should be added.

    Other than those two things, keep up the great work!
  • I am using 44 version, but I can't install this plugin. It says that plugin is damaged (verification). Can you please take a look?
  • Is this addon alive?
    Tabs confused on FF restart. A new group called Start created and some random tabs from current groups are moved there.
  • This is the one must have addon for Firefox.

    from about version 51 of Firefox I found that I could not move a Tab from one Group to another, so I ended up going back to version 50. and it worked perfectly.

    I also should say that I had problem with Firefox crashing ( 32 bit version on Win 10 64bit) but after upgrading to the 64bit version of Firefox the problem went away...BTW thats when I discovered the inability to move tabs between groups.

    This is one excellent addon.

    any one know when ver 9 will be coming out ?
  • First i always used original version but at a time after firefox updates i needed an updated version of original plugin, not in the official page of the firefox module page but on another hoster for code, i dont remember the exact url but i had bugs resolved with a version of 2014 and not 2011!!, exactly 2014.12.21.005, i use it regulary but i want share a great mistake by developers that seems to reproduce all the bugs encountered over the majority of reported critics: the plugin cannot simply save or restore(even valid saved session) if something other interrupt firefox processes like process lasso, windows thread boost, i simply deactivated it cause configure is not enough to solve the problem properly and correctly, i hope that can help someone.

    I have a question, my firefox version is 32 and i have given the version of tab group manager on windows 8 and 7, do you i need to update to this version considering i have absolutly 0 bugs ?, config panels seems exactly the sames, what is your plan to really improve the plugin ? could you maybe alert user if a restoration had potentials bugs to be successfully done ??
    Thank you, we wait you and hope you will keep other firefox version working well :)
  • This addon in Kombination with "Tree Style Tab" gives a very powerfull interface when using many windows parallel.
    I am struggling with different Version and stability issues.
    Tabgroups are removed in FF. What will going on with „Tabgroups Manager“ ?
  • - Dearest developer and co users of this life changing gem add-on. May I give you all a big old friendly hug for bringing this addon to live? Ive been using this addon eversince it saw light many many years ago. (PS why Axel Shootingstar stopped developing it? What happened to him? How is he? Is he well? Does he have a website?)

    - I can confirm that in my FF 51.0.1 indeed tabs dont move anymore from one group to another. Apart from that this addon worked/works like a charm till 50.1.0 which is a pretty recent version and so we come to my third and final remark:

    - If firefox would allow me to—only once in a lifetime—mark an addon with 7 start, then this would be it! ;-)
  • I'm using it since the first days Axel Shootingstar has released this most useful plugin, which always keeps me adhered to Firefox, as my favorite Browser.
    It helps keeping track of all of my online tasks and activities, saving groups of related issues together.
    I really hope that Axel Shootingstar would one day reveal himself again, so he could read all of those reviews and appreciations, and he would continue making good software.

    Thank you guys for the revived version of TGM!

    Some note regarding Firefox version 51.0.1 - TGM fails to move tabs from one group to another. I had to downgrade to Firefox 50.1.0 in order to use it again.

  • Dear developer, in new version of the add-on would be nice fix some things, namely:
    1) It is impossible to freeze the last tab(that is to say all tab) in the group supplement Bartab
    2) When loading groups is a violation of their The order of the
    3) Add the allocation of the group's name in which there is loaded tabs