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  • The option to customize your colors exists, but it is a little hidden. You must see in your Extensions, then Tab Colors and in the top right, where are three dots, click them and you will see the Options.
  • This addon works to significant degree, but there is a problem with the preferences screen.

    The preferences screen for this addon is not great. I could not figure how to set the colors. I managed to make some changes, but I could not figure out the process for setting them.

    The random color setting works well, except the colors are awful bright, clashing with dark themes.
  • Absolutely false and misleading description. This add-on gives no control on individual tab. Totally useless
  • This addon does NOT color the tabs with different colors.
    They are all of the same color.
    I don't understand why the author gave such description.
  • Excellent extension. It helps me to identify when I'm on a production, staging or local development when building website. However One big point that could really be improved, is the possibility to add multiple URLs in the input field or having templates of colors.

    I want all my production website on red, staging yellow etc.. And it take a long amount of time to configure each of them.

    Thanks for your work Max!
  • Recuerdo cuando existió en su momento una extensión de nombre Colortabs, ésta extensión ahora, ha superado incluso mis expectativas que la anterior no pudo conceder.
    Muy buena extensión, mis felicitaciones al creador.
  • Hello folks just installed this add on to my Firefox on Linux Lite and it is beautiful thank you so much to the developer for this excellent work.
  • Excellent et donne de la couleur aux onglets et a "Firefox".
  • So glad I found this. Switched from colorful tabs, because it was making tabs flicker and firefox unable to control.
    This is great. Thank you
  • This addon does what it says and is an improvement upon the dark Firefox default. Till recently I used ColorfulTabs even though these days (post quantum) it only colored the active tab, because it also made the background of the inactive tabs grey (not black). But ColorfulTabs has bugs. This app, Tab Colors, just does what it says: colours the active tab one colour (selectable) and the inactive tabs another colour (likewise selectable).

    There is also the option to apply the above settings only when visiting one URL.

    I thought that the latter setting was offering a way of changing the colour of the tab of one website. So I added a URL and this addon *seemed* to stop working. I am not sure why one would want to have colorful tabs only when visiting one URL. But I would like to be able to set the colours of the tabs of a few of my most important websites so that I could select them in a hurry.

    It would also help if it were only the active tab itself, and perhaps the address bar, but not my link bar that were coloured since it makes the links a bit difficult to see.

    But this is already better than the buggy ColorfulTabs so I recommend it, and made a tiny donation.
  • Like 49f7ab, I am looking for an addon that can permanently colour individual tabs (inactive or active, and nothing else) with custom colours - like colorful tabs used to but no longer does - like Tab ReTitle can rename tabs permanently.

    Tree Tabs has customisable colours, borders and more for tabs by function, if you want that AnthonyH. The ability to permanently custom colour individual tabs is the only thing missing.

    Could you do that dev?
  • This is not color tabs, just the current tab gets an aggressive color while the other tabs remain white.
    If you want to return to the tab you made blue and you aren't currently on it, you have no idea where find it because they are all white.
    This is useless.
  • Gives you a vivaldi look for Firefox 58.0.2 but you can't use firefox theme with this addon
  • Not so good, imo. I expected to see something that colors the *tabs*, not half the page. Please rename it properly or provide what the name says. Have a good one!
  • I love the way you colors the tabs. But you also paint the whole background. As many people I use a lot of themes for background which I rotate, and this I can't enjoy anymore as I use your add-on.
    Would you consider an option to only color the tab, not the whole theme?
  • Max you're awesome, I love it. I sent you a donation as I promised. Ty!
  • For reasons of eye strain I prefer setting dark themes but I need to add some color so I installed Tab Colors. To say I love it is an understatement. It's just enough color (they currently alternate however the developer chose very nice ones) and it looks great worrks perfectly adding just an accent on the active tab nothing glaring and bright.

    I would love to have the following capabilities:

    1. Set a specific color to a url so it's complimentary to colors used by a specific website.
    2. The ability to choose and set one color for al tabs.
    3. The ability to add my own custom colors to choose from

    Is this something you would consider? If so let me know what a fair donation to you is for the time it will take you to add these three options. Yes I like it that much!

    Thank you so much in advance!!


    So looking forward to the update. I'll PayPal you a gift in advance. Have a great day!

    Hi Max,

    I see you don't have a method to send you a gift set up. Can you also set one up when you have a moment. Thank you again!
    I was actually in the middle of adding some of your suggestions when I read your comment. They will be added pretty soon I hope.
  • No control over which tabs get which color, not good for color coordinating types of tabs.
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