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  • simple and easy, i like it.
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  • Excelente y rápida extensión para mudar al móvil, mediante el lector QR, los sitios web abiertos en el PC. A mi me es muy útil.
  • Great addon! But it should be more convenient if you add a page action to pop QR image.
    Thanks for trying out Tab2QR. Page action is for features that available to some but not all pages or websites. If you are making an extension to extract all images from a page and make a slideshow, page action is preferable since not all pages have images. On the other hand, Tab2QR is available for all pages, so browser action is more appropriate. Besides, you can move the Tab2QR button into the dropdown menu to save space, which is not possible if I used page action instead of browser action.
  • Seriously, guys, text with dark windows theme. Without a white padding around the QR it is unrecognizable. Make it white, not 'window color'!
  • Tried like 5 of these. This one is the best. Works offline. Looks nice. Has enough space around the code. Just about the only improvement would be to reduce permissions required.
  • It`t simple work
  • Hi!
    The addon it's easy and simple to use. It does what it should do directly. The only problem it has it's if we move the icon to the menu (3 lines button on the top right) the QR doesn't fits on the window it creates and cannot be scanned within a mobile because it doesn't see the entire QR code.
    Thank you for using Tab2QR. On Firefox 56 the popup window is just too narrow and is unchangable by add-on developer. I could make the QR code image smaller but that also makes scanning more difficult. This is no longer an issue on Firefox 57 since Mozilla overhauled the UI and made the popup window more spacious. I recommend putting the add-on button on the toolbar until Firefox 57. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • It does what it says. Click on the button, scan with a phone and you get the link to the currently opened URL. This can be useful if you want to share a page with someone else but you don't want to manually type the URL.
  • I would say it's the best addon of this kind... QR code is just a click away. If you don't need any extra features to create your own QR's or edit them - this addon is just for you. The pop window shows nothing but your code. Simple and clean :)
    But there is a little issue with it in Nightly 58... If you put icon from main panel to drop-down menu, the pop up window has different size and crops the QR code. Would be nice to fix this.
  • Click, and directly generated without loading
  • nice addon, works very well.
  • Es muy buena
  • 好用!感谢作者!
  • 之前地址栏右边的二维码没有了,找到了这个插件,实现了我要的效果。真心赞一个。安装后,地址栏右边的功能按钮,就多出一个二维码。好用。
  • 很方便,要的就是这个。