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  • What's going on with this add-on? Most of the (Android) barcode scanning apps I try simply cannot scan the codes that Tab2QR generates. I've tried QR Code Reader from Scan (a really good one, IMO), QR Droid, i-nigma, and Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team. Only the latter of those considers them valid. The others just stare at them endlessly. Maybe I just have a bad selection of apps, but QR codes from other sources usually work just fine.
  • Goog
  • 真的很好用,方便,点个赞
  • 方便手機
  • i think it's a great add-on to help firefox become a convenient and amazing broswer,i like it very much!!
  • Great extension! One improvement I'd like to see is allowing it to be added to the Address Bar rather than it being displayed as a normal toolbar button.
  • very good