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I won't be updating Firefox until Tab Utilities works with the update. FF is pants without Tab Utilities. I can only open about 12 tabs without losing sight of them. Utter cr*p.

How can I help persuade Mozilla to pay this developer and use his code in the main release? Or perhaps Mozilla do not pay? Does the developer prefer to remain independent?

I agree with Bert Glenn below that this Add-on is an essential part of Firefox. Having just one line of tabs and having to scroll left and right to find the hidden ones is not fun. Tab utilities changed all that. It was a great, nay essential, Add-on.It seemed to have stopped working with on 18.0.2 so that all links and search fields open in a new tab, but in fact the option in "Links" to "Force all links to open in a new tab" had somehow set itself to be checked. I did not check it. Since the other checkboxes to control when new tabs are created are on the "Tabs" page/tab I did not think to look on the Links page/tab. It was only when I downloaded Tab Utilities Lite (which alas does not allow for multiple lines of tabs) that I realized that such an option existed. I agree that this should be included in the main distribution of Firefox. I don't know how people can bear Firefox's tabs without this add-on.On more than one computer I find that the "for all links to open in a new tab" is being turned on without my intending to have done so. Is there a shortcut key that I do not know about?Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.1).