Tab deletion on install. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This may be a great addon, may not be. I installed this addon because I wanted to compare it to the addon Tab Mix Plus, since I wanted to know why this addon could have more features but be so much less popular than Tab Mix Plus. I installed it when also having the addon Tab Mix Plus running (which in hindsight I know was a pretty stupid thing to do), and although on restart I immediately got a warning from Tab Mix Plus telling me to disable it due to it conflicting with Tab Mix Plus, I had already lost all my tabs in the current session. Fortunately, thanks to Session Manager, I got them all back. However, due to this experience I can no longer trust this addon. Thus I immediately deleted it and so I have not used it since, due to my poor initial experience with this addon. I cannot trust an addon that can cause the deletion of data in my brower, even if it is due to conflicts, because as a user you do not know that there are conflicts until you install the addon. I once used Tabberwocky and Tab Mix Plus at the same time, and that was fine. Tab Mix Plus just asked which parts of the functionalities that conflicted I wanted to use. Yet again, Tab Mix Plus was the addon making sure that my Firefox experience would be stable. Hence I trust Tab Mix Plus over the other tab addons I have tried, including Tab Utilities. I prefer trust over features. Although my experience may be very different from the regular tab addons user, I am now starting to see reasons why Tab Mix Plus is the more popular addon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (