Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This is a nice add-on. Doesn't work very well with the 'BarTab' add-on, however.

I find a good setting is using this add-on, keeping the normal tab bar always on, and using the add-on called 'Autohide Tabbar'.

The double arrow at the bottom (to show all open tabs), doesn't work correctly. Not all tabs are listed (perhaps the add-on can't handle listing them all?), and when an intensive flash animation is running on the active tab, the menu will not show at all.

As I have several tabs open at a time, I find no scroll bar on the side to be a real inconvenience (thus keeping the normal tab bar active as well) please add this, and, as NightPutting said, the images are a bit big, even at the smallest size.

Additionally, please add a 'New Tab' button or function in the top area (perhaps its there and I just didn't find it). I'm quite used to double clicking the tab bar area to get a new tab (yet another reason to keep the normal tab bar showing).