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  • It does what it says, and I like having this long history of my sessions that I can go back. Makes me feel safe about accidental closing windows or crashes.

    There is one huge caveat that makes it pretty much unusable for me, is that restoring session will loose the container tabs and will reopen everything in the default container which is a no go for me :(
  • A very handy add-on for your firefox browser
  • I just added it and it makes my life better! Great way to save multi-window sessions.
  • It doesn't work at all
  • Seems ok, but does not restore sessions with local files such as PDF's. This may be a limitation outside of the developers control, but makes the extension useless for me.
  • Hello sienori, thanks for that nice extension. I like it very much, it works very good so far.
    Only some features I am still missing:
    -Edit: I found it ;-) its under settings / sessions = import older session
    - an option to define a limit number for automated saved files which are generated in Backup folder - so that older ones will be deleted "automatically". Or at least user limit number and get a message popup when the limit is reached so everyone knows to start cleaning autdated saves.

    Thanks in Advance an greets from Germany

    And: plus an option to name automated saves user defined like "Autosave", because the title of the tab currently active is not very unique, the same with saved when "browser closed" or when "windows closed", so we can distinguish better between them.
  • Tab Session Managerでユーザー保存してたタブが全部消えてしまいました。
    最悪です。 どなたか復元方法教えてくれませんか?
  • very helpful! has a lot of options, like this addon a lot.
  • Wszystko pięknie działa do momentu, w którym Firefoks się wysypie. Wtedy wszystkie karty znikają razem z sesjami Managera. Kompletnie bezużyteczny.
  • куда сохраняются сессии??!!
  • I really like this extension. the old session manager I used was good, but this exceeds it. Nice work! Don't know how much work it would be, but the ability to edit session names or tab titles after saving would be a bonus.
  • Great ! Although the problem I have is that the extension doesn't seem to remember hidden state of tabs neither the tab groups from panorama and restores all tabs together. I don't know if this is possible given the limitations of the current APIs but it still is a pity. Anyway, thank you.
  • Thanks for adding the startup function. For me, that was all the extension lacked. I now consider it perfect. Congratulations!

    (7 months ago I had written:
    Best session manager, but an important feature is lacking: the ability to start Firefox with a specific saved session.)
  • Very Excellent!

    I use Firefox primarily because I can twitter in seperate containers. so I was initially looking for a session manager that would restore container tabs in one window and regular tabs in another. This handled both with complete ease. It even restores windows in their precise screen location.
    I encountered an a slight glitch with the popup not being entirely visible, but all I had to do was go full screen and it showed up. Then I went to the options and changed the popup to open in a separate window, and everything is perfect.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will definitely be making a contribution.