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  • I really like this extension. the old session manager I used was good, but this exceeds it. Nice work! Don't know how much work it would be, but the ability to edit session names or tab titles after saving would be a bonus.
  • Great ! Although the problem I have is that the extension doesn't seem to remember hidden state of tabs neither the tab groups from panorama and restores all tabs together. I don't know if this is possible given the limitations of the current APIs but it still is a pity. Anyway, thank you.
  • Thanks for adding the startup function. For me, that was all the extension lacked. I now consider it perfect. Congratulations!

    (7 months ago I had written:
    Best session manager, but an important feature is lacking: the ability to start Firefox with a specific saved session.)

    I have been using this tool for a long time and I must say it the best tab managers in the way it doesn't take too of space or permissions or even settings. But let's be honest that the latest update i,e., of 1st jan 20, is horrible and has killed the extension and its functionality. Now if I decide to save tabs, it shows that error occurred. I tried uninstalling and doing the process of installation over again but same results. I have my Firefox updated and also the extension has permissions to update automatically. I request some thing to the dev of this extension.

    - First, before you release new update do a check on multiple devices and versions so that people like us doesn't have to rate it 1 star.

    - Second, release a dark mode not black mode. White pains a lot to us who have problems with red and wet eye.

    Third, introduce an android app so that tabs can be synced via Mozilla account or anything like that. So if we lose access to one device or are traveling, we can check saved sessions elsewhere.

    - Fourth. add options of HTML to the saved sessions so that we can see the content it if extension doesn't work.

    Last but not the least, why Mozilla "This is not a Recommended Extension. Make sure you trust it before installing." Explain me why Mozilla doesn't consider your extension privacy centered. Do you collect data or sell it elsewhere like Avast or AVG extensions?

    I will wait for sometime for the problem to be solved otherwise ONE TAB IS RECOMMENDED AND DOES THE SAME JOB IN ANOTHER SMART WAY. THANKS.
  • Very Excellent!

    I use Firefox primarily because I can twitter in seperate containers. so I was initially looking for a session manager that would restore container tabs in one window and regular tabs in another. This handled both with complete ease. It even restores windows in their precise screen location.
    I encountered an a slight glitch with the popup not being entirely visible, but all I had to do was go full screen and it showed up. Then I went to the options and changed the popup to open in a separate window, and everything is perfect.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will definitely be making a contribution.
  • Garbage. It does NOT restore imported sessions.
    I've lost my session beacuse this garbage.
  • Brilliant!
  • Great, but please reposition the close button in the session overview. It´s too far right when using a full window. I would rather see it in front of the tab-title or just next to it.
  • Switched over from SessionManager when it stopped updating and i really like the look of this one a lot more.
    Works without a single issue for me, but I miss the ability to group sessions into folders.
  • Was working but failed spectacularly. Just lost all sessions.
  • More a design issue than anything. All the saved tab sessions should have tick boxes in front of them instead of a little trash can icon to delete. Have a Delete button at the top for those you want to tick for deletion.

    And if you also have a master tick box at the top, you can tick it and select them all for deletion at once instead of having to go through each saved session and delete them one-by-one using their respective trash can icons. A real pain in the ass way of doing it.
  • Overall it is OK, however it has wiped all my saved sessions 2 times, so I am staying away.
  • Addon has a strong tendency to not show or outright erase all of your saved sessions either when Mozilla updates or when the addon updates, or both. Really good addon to use if you can remember to frequently export your sessions (which kind of defeats the purpose).

    Otherwise, if you don't do that, this addon causes a lot of frustration and anxiety.
  • Latest version makes firefox (72 b2) crash at launch so yeah that's a problem.
  • It is PATHETIC! It worked ok untill this day when I closed firefox then turn off my PC and left. I got back, turned on my PC then opened firefox and there was 0 session saved! No way to import or anything! Add on page states that it was updated. So updating ERASES all tabs and sessions! Again PATHETIC addon!
  • two problem.

    1. the delete / open buttons fade in/out too slow. need to be instant or at least give user option to change in/out time.

    2. session manager cant be used in junction with browser's default restore. if only few tabs loaded while remaining session not loaded, browser restore will only restore those loaded tabs next time.