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As I've not used this extension I can't "Rate It", but you can't post without a rating so please ignore the one star! -The following comment is just to help anyone reading this page.

This extension's ability is one of the many features of "Tree Style Tab". The name doesn't do it justice as you can position the tab bar anywhere, not just at the side of the browser as you might think.
Anyway, to do the same job as "Tab select saver" you 'click & hold' on a tab, then using 'Shift' for a row or 'Ctrl' to select separate tabs and a right click, you can save a group of tabs.
* I am in no way connected with the author of "Tree Style Tabs".

More visual

I was sure that this feature was going to show up in some of the other tab extensions.
There are three main differences between Tree Style Tab and my extension.
First this extension comes as a small enhancement not as a reconstruction of the tab functionality as Tree Style Tabs. So it depends how much change you are looking for.
Second this extension is much more visual, the selection remains clear.
Third once you have saved the tabs they remain marked by a star to remind you they have already been saved.
But as I said this is a modest extension it does not aspire to much, just one single extra functionality.