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  • Wasn't too sure about this one when I first saw it and started using it. But turns out I like it alot!
  • Nice job on it, I like it.
  • ultimate ...........must have add-on.....
  • would like the ability to scroll sideways and to be able to view flash.
  • This really is an amazingly useful extension. The idea is great. You can see if your other tabs have loaded yet without clicking through them all.

    The one thing that I think is lacking is embedded videos. YouTube pages always show up with a blank area where the video should be, which makes it difficult to identify the tab. Ultimately it would be really cool if I could have a tab open and just watch a video in the tab preview box.

    Thanks to the developer for all your efforts!
  • I Love this
  • This is a great extension. SHe works fine. But she's totally incompatible with Colorfultabs. If the two are installed, Colorfultabs bugs a lot.
  • This extension is pretty fantastic! I'm surprised Firefox didn't put this in as part of their normal build, since it's in Seamonkey. It's nice to have it back!
  • Really nice
  • thought I'd check this out even got it to work with the latest emusic xulrunner app, sweet!
  • After using Tab Scope to quickly see what a tab is, I would feel visually impaired without this extension.
  • Great job! tab preview was something I was inclined to, after migrating from Opera. Tried a few of the other FFox tab add-ons but after taking a spin with this, I was sold.
    And it works with TabMix Plus, which is always the first add-on. Thanks - would love to see some more features and customization options.
  • Since getting Vista. (Meh...) Preview stuff like this has been one of the few things I've really enjoyed.

    This works flawlessly and had more options than I expected. (Sizing, navigation, etc)
  • This is one of the coolest and most innovative addons I have ever seen! This is so cool! I love being able to see the tab, refresh, close, scroll in, click links, and do anything else without even having to leave my current tab! Very cool!!!
  • I especially like the fact that you can still scroll and click links in the preview.

    Just a tip: use bicubic instead of nearest neighbour for resizing to increase quality and readability.

    Great work!
  • This is a much more versatile extension than the description implies and surprisingly capable at a very early stage of development. I find that doubling all sized in options works well for me as well as setting the expanded window to 100% in the larger "window." Coexists very well with several tab extensions and has performed flawlessly so far. The ability to reload pages and to go back, forward and close is also very nice. I had one problem in conjunction with the Faviconize Tab extension but was unable to reproduce it. It provides a nice boost for Firefox and for users who like to manipulate and view their tabs in different ways. Overall, quite a fancy piece of programming.
  • Finally! I have been long searching for a replacement for the venerable tab tooltip preview extension, and here it is! The addition of mini controls at the top of the tip is a very nice feature, as well as the magnifying glass which seamlessly switches to a larger (and less aliased) preview. In addition, the previews from this extension are scrollable using the scroll wheel, allowing you to scan the entire page at a glance. A must-have extension.
  • This is a function I've seen in Windows Vista when hovering the taskbar tabs.

    I've been hoping for a while that this feature would come to Firefox as well, and here it is.

    It should be a build in function in future versions of Firefox I think.
  • This has to become integrated into the next FF release!! Excellent addition....works perfectly!
  • i have use The Tab Scope Extension and its nice and more easy to use Firefox browser and now My firefox works as like opera browser you could also fast the preview just go the tools and add ons and then options and then Tab Scope Options and then change the Option of time to show popup 10 to 0 milliseconds its works very good now.
    Njoy ...
    Google Lover
  • This is a very nice addon. It's very good to see more and more opera features comming in for FireFox, and this is a must. However, I would like to see more customization options for the "popup".
  • this add-on is superb .. though there is a little suggestion ..
    1.when there are about six tabs open,the preview of each tab become very small!.. which is impossible to read! i suggest you that in such cases .. the preview should tale the spaces for three tabs or so.. as long as it is readable ... 2.why don't you use the back, front, refresh and stop icons from the current theme used.

    if you could add this ... this would be by far the best!
  • I give this extension a 10 because of how useful it is. I highly recommend this extension to anyone. One improvement that you could make, however, would be to allow for movement over a zoomed in area with the preview.
  • thanks, this rocks! previews are perfect, instant, no jumpin. nice zoom and other nav tools. i got over 50 rich tabs and wow, no probs. well done!