Tumbs up! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks you guys for considering some suggestions and of course solved bug reports.
Glad to see more and more options for a individualized navigation by own habitats.

My two cents of suggestions for Tab Scope to enhance a tab workflow:
+ Three step zooming previews or a extra 3/4 page zoom button: actually we got two zooming steps. I think it would be great to get a third by pressing a extra button for a full zoom of a inactive tab to read the page without switching to it. With the standard setting of zoom I only get an idea, an impression this tab via picture but the text isn't readable and the interaction is to tiny for a fast navigation preview. btw I'm using a laptop via 1600x1050
+ Background monitoring button: it's just a small idea for websites, that you would like to keep an perm. eye on, like waiting on a mail, loading a video, a sport ticker etc etc. I guess it would be totally useful to toggle it for a certain time an increase a workflow.
+ I miss the white fading options. Damn, as a developer, like god, you can't make all people happy ;-)

Thanks again for a awesome job and a ongoing development of this essential add on. I appreciate that. Sorry for English mistakes ,-)

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