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  • Please make a version for Quantum!!!
  • Please make a version for Quantum
  • excellent
    please write program for firefox couantum.
  • очень нужная
  • LOVE this Add-on! Makes life so much easier. Easy to flip between open tabs and especially engage the pages without loading them. Missing it in Firefox 59.0.2
  • WTF even this addon will not work! I will stay with version 52 if will works even for ever. Now browsers are garbage and Browsers devs are idionts they totaly ruined firefox. Oh good good bye updates in aour work 40 computers run version 50. I need feature browser with multirow, tab groups etc. not IE. we are in year 2018 computers are powerfull high speed internet even my father use 20-30 tabs and tab group.

    The is totaly stupid if chrome is garbage why need to be firefox to.
  • Please update for FF57!
  • I miss it on FF 57. REally miss it!
  • Good idea but does not work together with other tab organizers like Tab Tree for example apparently (https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/tab-tree/) which I really need in daily practice
  • Would be pretty nice without the problem that if using my browser on the secondary display, the little preview windows are shown on my primary displays top left corner no matter what position I choose for them.
    When moving the browser to the main display, the previews show where I set it in the options of Tab Scope.
  • Please update for FF57!
  • Please update for FF57!
  • Please update for FF57!
  • Please update for FF57!
  • Please update for FF57!
  • Please! Update this essential addon to FF57!!
  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox 57. Update, please :)
  • Please update for Firefox 57. Thank you!!
  • Simply amazing!! Are you working on FIREFOX 57?? I'm missing this addon so much!
  • Please, upgrade for compatible it FIREFOX 57!!!! Is a very good add-on and there is no other like...
  • Super! Will there be a Quantum (aka FF 57) version?
  • Five gold stars. I can't fault this extension.


    You can make Firefox more reliable – for a variety of extensions – by avoiding use of the first window that's opened after a start or restart of the browser. If you use things such as the 'Restore Previous Session' feature of Firefox, that means:

    - please move all tabs from the first window, to a different window.

    Mozilla bug 1378459:

    Allow some addon functionality to load prior to any content loading
  • I have been using this plugin for since ever... But recently I notice when I have multiple display monitor setup, the tab preview pops up in the Primary screen only even if Firefox is running in secondary monitor. This is the reason I'll give 3 star for now. Otherwise I'd give 5 stars.

    Please fix this ASAP.
  • I have a dual monitor setup and whenever i hover over a tab, the preview window appears on the second monitor, and not under the tab i'm on, as it should.
  • I really need this. But it stop working in Firefox Nightly. Hope this will be able to use again with the new WebExtensions API.