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  • Hi David,

    I have been using your tab rotator add on for a number of years now and have found it to be a valuable tool working in a Network Ops Center. This latest version has some interesting new functionality (specifically being able to set custom times for each tab however, it seems that the new version only rotates tabs in the browser window which is actively being used. I would request that the functionality be modified so users can toggle rotation function in browser windows independent of each other (like what was in previous versions). Other than that, great work!

  • #BUG:
    Tab Rotator in another window browser is not independent.
  • #BUG
    There is a little bug in this version. When tab is rotated, the previous tab is reloaded, while we want to reload the current tab.
    In the other versions there are not this issue.
  • Hello. Would it be possible for you to add the ability to switch the tab in focus immediately by mousing over another tab, rather than on a timed basis? I loved the old Tab Focus addon, but it is no longer available. Thanks.
  • Superb extension!
    I'd appreciate if I could have on this same addon a fullscreen option.
    It would turn this extension even better.
  • Nice job. Would you please create an option that allows another browser windows, besides the current, swapping tabs as well ?
  • Almost exactly what I needed; the issue I have is that some websites don't load completely unless they're on the tab that currently has focus. This is an issue with Firefox/the websites in question rather than with this addon, but could you please change the reload tabs option to have a before/after dropdown rather than always reloading after?

    Basically, I need it to switch to a tab, reload it immediately, wait for X seconds to hopefully ensure everything loads properly, and then move on to the next one.
  • Love it, easy, simple, great for web based dashboards.
  • Simple, good, does exactly what you'd expect. Got one little feature request though: can't the reloading happen (e.g.) 2s before switching, rather than after switching? That way you'd look at a fresh screen when it gets into view.
    Hello FV,
    thank you for this suggestion. This is a good idea and I might include this in a future release, but for the current release I was not able to put it in, mainly because of time constraints.
    I will let you know when an update is available that includes this improved reloading. Cheers
  • Nothing else to say.. I love it also has reload page on tab rotate
  • but not for what I need. I need it to be able to rotate the tabs when in full screen mode. It seem that when I the tab to full screen, the tabs will rotate in the background, but the screen doesn't change.
    Hello Scott,
    this used to work in an earlier version of the TabRotator but was broken during on of the Firefox updates along the way and went unnoticed. Thank you for reporting it. Anyway, I have just published version 2.0 of the TabRotator which has now also been ported to the WebExtension framework and this release also fixes you issue. I hope this helps. Cheers
  • Can you create add on which switch to next tab clicking anywhere in header or footer on Mozilla pc and android device I would be very greatfiul to you and on android and it's easy toggle button to on and off I don't mind if it stays left or right in the page thanx
    Hello Wand,
    with the latest release of TabRotator 2.0 the addon has been ported to the Web Extension framework, which should make it compatible to mobile architectures as well as other browser architectures. I hope this helps. Cheers.
  • Hi,

    Is it possible that your nice plugin doesn't work on ARM Linux? Only on Intel CPUs?

    Would you be so great to port it?
    Hello KundK,
    with the latest release of TabRotator 2.0 the addon has been ported to the Web Extension framework, which should make it compatible to mobile architectures as well as other browser architectures. Cheers.
  • Simple and practical.

    Thank you for the excellent development of the add-on,

    I do not know whether there are plans to introduce extensions to the Android system.

    If possible, you can email me northcomzk@163.com.

    Thank you.
  • Its an excellent add-on. Can we have one more feature added to this please.

    Right now we can set a default time that slides each tab after a particular time. Can we customize this and have a different time set for each tab.

    For example: the 1st tab should be displayed for 10 seconds, 2nd tab for 30 seconda, 3rd tab for 60 seconds etc etc ....

    I would be really glad if this is possible :)
    Hey Sneha V,
    I am glad to let you know that with the current release 2.0 it is now possible to set different times for each tab. The feature is a bit hidden (I didn't want to clutter the user interface), but when you now enter a the rotation times like this "10;30;60", then first tab will be shown for 10 seconds, the second for 30 and the third for 60. If there are more then 3 tabs the other ones will be shown for 10 seconds as well. Just update the addon and you can use this feature. Some more details can be found on the addon description page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-rotator/
  • Firefox 14 compatible~!!!
    I am not quite sure, what you want to say with your comment, but from the context I would assume that you think that Tab Rotator is not compatible to Firefox 14. However it always has been compatible to 14 and even 15. The maxVersion gets set by addons.mozilla.org automatically after the addon passed a bunch of tests. So I have not updated any new version lately, however I can assure you it is compatible nonetheless. I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for this wonderful add on, would be glad if you could make it Firefox 5 compatible.
  • Thanks, I've been looking for this feature! This is great for several imaging tasks I face in media and website production every day!
  • Works... but just silly.
    Well I have no use, but rating on function and the possibility someone might.