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  • It would be nice if the tab rotation interval would automatically reset if interaction with the website was detected, but otherwise this extension works great.
  • Good
  • Works great if displaying only and not working or reading a tab. The Idle time should account for clicks otherwise the programs kicks to the next tab mid sentence. It did this over 3(every 35 secs) times just typing this.
  • very good!
  • ok
  • Works as a cheap security camera rotator
  • good
  • Solved my problem. As a suggestion, it could be possible to select which tabs will reload and which ones won't :)
  • Dosen't appear to work on mobile device.
  • Awesome Add-On, Thank you. Just wondering why it's only rotating between first two tabs?
  • This doesn't work with Firefox Quantum.
  • Hi David,

    I discovered your extension trying to use it on an Amazon Fire HD 10. I installed Firefox Nightly and the Tab Rotator extension and on the browser menu and option appeard which reads "start rotating tabs". Everything look fine up to here, thing is once configured and saved it never starts!

    I downloaded Firefox on my PC to understand how the extension works and I already saw it works beautifully.

    I am trying to use this Fire HD 10 as a kiosk/display for some custom URLs incluging Trello Boards, Airtable bases, etc. Is there any way you think I could make this work? Or any reason why tabs aren't rotating on the HD 10?

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do, I am super interested in this working out. Best and congrats on an excellent add-on!
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