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  • Great extension! Works beautifully and finally the only that does not request permission for full website data access. This is the only safe extension out there for auto-reloading tabs.
    Thank you so much for such a great work!

  • Does what it should, easy to use, good feature set. Requests minimal permissions.

  • top show

  • I love this feature, but I close my windows down each night and when I reopen them, I wish this would remember to activate this feature on the tabs previously set. The one I used prior did that automatically. Sometimes I'll forget to turn it on and then don't figure that until later in the day and miss what I'm looking to update.

  • Perfect. Straight-forward. Unlike the most-downloaded addon, this one works without having to keep that tab in the original window.

  • Actually a tab reloader that doesn't have a bombastic interface and actually consitently works!

  • Nice.

  • perfect job this addon, I only ask if it is possible to update to work with countainers?

  • Nie da sie wlaczyc odswiezania karty (przelacznik nie reaguje, pozostale juz tak). Interfejs niedopasowany do ekranu, wymaga powiekszania. Po wpisaniu strony do listy zadan (niewygodne na klawiaturze smartfona), w ustawieniach karty wyswietla, ze nie ma zadnych zadan.

  • Very good addon. Works just like it should.

  • Very intuitive and, even when it seemed it was not there were helpful hints to get what I needed working. This was regrettably my second choice add-on to get certain tabs to auto refresh. This should be the number 1 choice, great add on

  • Even when set to 0.5 of a second, it seems too slow but it works.

  • I really like this! I'm using it to auto-reload 6 pinned tabs. Frequently, it forgets 2 of the tabs, so I have to reenable them. Not a big deal, but would be nice to not have to do that.

  • Muy buena

  • getting the confirm resend pop up... every time it wants to reload, negates the purpose.

  • It does what it says. Nice UI and features.

  • I'm so glad this extension exists. It was the thing I missed most about Tab Mix Plus. The ability to disable reloads when a tab is in the foreground it a nice touch.

  • New release 0.2.2 works fine with firefox 58 beta.

  • nise

  • Compact and does what it promises

    When I got a question/request the developer replied and implemented fixes blazingly fast, impressive!

  • best

  • Don't work

  • The best reloader I've seen. I like it that you can choose a reload period for each different tab.

    One glaring omission is the lack of saving the settings. With windows 10 every time it updates or when I close the browser, or it loses internet connection, all settings are lost.

    IF there is already a way to do it, or it is supposed to reload automatically, I haven't found it or it doesn't work.

    It is becoming burdensome to constantly reset them but I"m suffering because I like the app so much..

    Mr. Fray: please provide a way to save and reload setting automagically!!!!! Then I would rate the app 6 stars (;>

    Thank you so much for your efforts.

  • Наконец-то я нашел то, что нужно!
    Дополнение работает лучше, чем швейцарские часы.
    Версия браузера 57 (64-бит).

  • Exactly what I wanted.
    but I really want to hide "badge number" option.
    because I feel restless, likes when see e-mail alert.