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  • Loving it. Misses two features:
    1) Right-click to dismiss.
    2) Themes (or customizations).
  • With a little more polish, this would be an absolute must-have extension.
    The biggest improvement would be to automatically dismiss the notification after the "filter on title" expression disappears for whatever reason. One example would be Facebook's messenger web interface. I set a regular expression "messaged you". I am aware the title switches back and forth, but once the message is read on e.g. mobile device, the title no longer says "messaged you", but the notification stays.
    I really hope this extension isn't abandoned, as it has a lot of potential... last update June 10, 2013
  • Now tweetdeck works :D
  • I think it's a good extension
  • This is a wonderful feature to Firefox. I would use it if I could change the color scheme of the notification background/text/etc. As of right now I'm on Linux with very dark themed everything so that staring at my computer for hours on end is easier on the eyes. Because of this the white text on white background doesn't work well.
    With Tab Notifier 2.2 you can change the aspect of the notifications by means of the Skin Editor. Yo may consider to review your review...
  • It's Good but it needs sound.
  • Great!. Now I don't need to use chrome only for some sites!
  • Excellent work, but one tiny nitpick: In English, the first letter of every word is typically capitalized in a title. Consider changing the name of your add-on from "Tab notifier" to "Tab Notifier". Beyond that, can we get Snarl/Growl for Windows support?
  • I see what's going on. That's cool-- if i could figure out, w/out reading a manual [as in most Moz add-on’s tend to be: intuitively operational], I'd give it a good rating. Presently, i'm disabling it. In other words, i don't believe it will be much use to me, so i shall not use it, until i have the necessary time to research the proper configuration. TIME-CONSUMER: ugh! I've got enough of those in my world.
    The idea is: it works out of the box, but if you receive more notifications that you want you need to configure it. A more constructive review would be "I was trying to do _this_ but I found it hard". I guess you find it "time-consuming" to write a review as well, but I assure you I needed more time to write the extension ;)
  • I didn't think it would work for a web-based custom chat client developed internally in my company, but it did! I think this is a better solution than Tab Badge because you don't have to have tabs or windows open or visible in order to be notified.
  • Hello,

    Is there any workaround to make it work for every email which comes to the mailbox? This does not work as expected if the subject of the email is same..!!
  • Very well done, works flawlessly!Extremely useful while firefox still does not have native Notifications API support.

    The only suggestion I'd make is to emphasise a bit more that configuration for individual sites is via a right-click context menu when viewing that particular site.
  • Before discovering this extension I used "HTML% Notifications" which didn't work as well as this one...recommended!
  • Very useful!
    I really appreciate the customization settings and the option to vertically stack the popups.
  • Works great. Looks nice after I removed the header and changed some things. Would love an option for sliding up when appearing.
  • Hi, As you right on my blog, I test your Addon, and I really like it, but one thing that I missed too much that there is no option to auto hide notification after xx seconds. I have to click on notification to remove it, there should be option to choose what type of notifications should auto close or removed after certain time. I hope you understand it, and try to add it in your next update... waiting for it.
    Thanks for the review. I hope to reply also to others that made similar remarks. Currently the autoclosing feature is available only for title-notifications, not for desktop-notifications, because in the latter case the website is consciously showing the notification and normally it deals with the closing too. The auto-closing in this case would be a hack that may clash with the logic under the use of notifications (for this reason, when I introduce this option, it has to be on a per-domain base) Nevertheless there is a bug that affects Gmail. UPDATE: the issue is solved with the ver. 2.11: now email notifications are automatically closed (chat notifications are not, I know you may expect the opposite but that's the way it works in Chrome too) and it keeps working with the following emails.
  • Notifications are persistent and stay on screen. I would like it to go away in 5-10 secs. Is it feature or bug that they are staying onscreen?
  • works great, using it with gmail, imo and facebook. proved to be a bit annoying when opening multiple tabs of facebook, but this regular expression fixes it:
    ^(\([0-9]+\) Facebook)|([a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+ messaged you)
    Thanks for the contribution, pretty useful to avoid the "blinking" of the message, but I tried it and it still shows a notification per tab. I guess the next improvement should be to add a per-domain option to avoid more than one title-notification per domain, or something like that. However, I would insert this and similar suggested regular expressions in the default configuration of the next version, if it wasn't for the problem of different localizations of the websites. So we may just collect tips like this in a space of the support pages.
  • I used to keep Chrome open just for my GMail due to the notification messages. Now I can keep on doing everything in Firefox <3
  • 1. Cool & Useful! Thank you!

    2. Design - bad. No Dual Monitor Support > Firefox window is on Monitor-2, Notification appear on Monitor-1.
    1. Thanks for the support :)
    2. The version 2.1 supports dual monitors. It lets you choose the monitor where the notifications appear (so please consider to change your rating), but if you mean that notifications should be on the same monitor where the Firefox window is, I totally disagree.
  • A must have...
    I thought that "HTML Desktop Notifications" addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/html-notifications/) was handy but this takes it to a higher level of polishment.

    I really hope that Mozilla adds native support for this soon.
  • Ubuntu NotifyOSD Support !!!
  • Different alert box will cover each other, this should be fixed.

    Lesser important notify, say, twitter or something, should disappeared after xxx milliseconds
    Important notify should remains until close manually, if possible you can mark them with different (customizable) color
    (my twitter app tab and Google reader keep popping and cover others, quiet annoying, while I still want to see the notify)

    Close button should be easier to click, bigger one will be better
    Fair remarks. In fact among the new features of the ver. 1.1 you find auto-closing of the notifications customizable on a domain basis; in the next ver. I'll make the notifications nicer and with more accessible buttons and when I find the time I'd like to make them also "stackable", so that when there are more than one of them they will be all visible.
    UPDATE 28/03/12: notifications vertically stacked has been introduced by the version 1.3
  • This addon helps me a lot to monitor my facebook and gmail status!!

    Can you add a option to auto close the popup after some time?
    Since I need to close every popup by my hand now.


    Great! Can't stop to wait it!!
    I think this is the first feature of my TODO list that I'll add (see https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-notifier/developers). Stay tuned!