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  • Useful application. The only real thing keeping me from giving a full 5-stars is that I want the ability to NOT show notifications on pages that are currently active.

    For example, a mail website. The title bar might say "5 unread", but once I read one email, the title changes to "4 unread" at which point I get a notification on my desktop. I want the ability to either not show that via settings or as a permanent change.

  • This comes so close to being a 5 star useful extension, but the notifications aren't persistent, so if you aren't sitting there and watching the second it pops up, you will miss it. :-( I would be happy to help make the update to this (I'm guess setting "requireInteraction" to True would do it) but I'm not able to find the source anywhere. I tried contacting the author but the web site listed returns an error. If it would be possible to make this update, I would enthusiastically update my review to 5 stars.

  • cool addon - especially with the KDE Connect ^_^, and I'd love to score 5, but...
    scoring only 3 because options do not take effects. in another words: addon currently non-customisable (2017-12-01).

  • Thanks

  • Ya no tiene opciones de configuracion como antes, pero creo que funciona igual

  • Great extension, so easy to use ! Thank you!

  • there is no option menu as in the screenshots here.

    when i click on the button last item is "default/inherited (watch) and then cut of...
    using FF54beta10x64 and notifier 3.1
    unfortunately "comment section" closed on your website, no way to report.

  • Thanks you for this outstanding Add-on. Working perfectly without any difficulty,

  • A fantastic add-on that provides exactly what I need. No need to install additional notifier add-ons that require you to log in etc. This capability should be in the browser as we move to doing more through browsers. Almost like a Growl/Snarl system for browser tabs.
    Excellent thinking and great job. Well done and many thanks!

  • This extension would be very useful if it works well - and if can be customized for the sites/pages I would only want to be notified .
    I installed it and it does not work in my FF 50.1.0 win8.1:
    1. I do not see any options/setings like in the older version.
    2. I do not see any messages
    3. I do not see any icon - maybe I am not supposed to...
    4. there is no parameter tabnotifier in about:config
    I re-installed it a couple of times - same ;-(
    I see it works for others...what do I have wrong?
    After re-install 3rd time I get messages - BUT I have:
    NO add-on icon, NO disable button on the message (so I cannot disable a page notifing me) and NO options to change (in add-on page). What is it wrong? I use NoScript - does it interfere?
    Thank for any help!

    Developer response

    The extension needed to be made again from scratch as result of deep changes in Firefox (mainly because of e10s). The version 3.1 reintroduces default and per-domain settings.
    Please be aware that currently it's not technically possible to implement some settings like notifications position and aspect or persistent windows, but I'll monitor the evolution of the web extension api to see how I can use it to its best.

  • It`s good and useful add-on. The advantage this add-on is compatible with Windows and Linux.

  • Great addon, in order not to miss important events on Internet resources. Thanks

  • Yes, it's working again but the problem is in my version of Firefox (49.0.1 on Linux Ubuntu) the corner icon to suppress further notifications doesn't appear.

  • Please upgrade ASAP, thx!!!

  • Hey,

    loving this addon but it does not work anymore since the newest Firefox update. Would really love a quick fix

  • tab notifier is not working please give update asap

  • Please update to allow this to work on FF45...the notification no longer displays and window placement no longer works for a secondary display. I really miss this!

  • Today my firefox in ubuntu, updated to 45.0 version and this extension dont work anymore. when i click "test" button, test notication showing but dont work in sites, please update it.

  • I wanted to try this out because I thought I could use tweetdeck in Firefox, thereby getting notifications immediately.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work with tweetdeck and when I tried to send a gmail test it crashed. I went into the options and everytime I clicked "test", Firefox crashed :/ Shame.

    Edit: I'm on Windows 10.

  • It does what it is supposed to. I was using it for Hotmail notifications. Unfortunately, on June 5, 2015 Microsoft did a major update of outlook.live.com. Tab titles no longer change when you have an unread email. Therefore Tab Notifier no longer works for Hotmail., Live.com., Outlook.com. I was also use X-notifier. Microsoft's changes to the website broke that too. It looks like I am out of luck for the time being and will have to check for new emails the old fashioned way, by going to my inbox.

  • This thing is awesome. It takes a spot an when Firefoxs nsIAlertService comes up, it makes that alert service notification take a spot above, it wont overlap. As shown in this image here: http://i.imgur.com/7nLZleW.png

    I had an issue though. I have the regex for notify only when matched set to "^(?!.*?Mibbit)". I have the monitor behavior set to watch. Now when people chat the notiication comes up "People said stuff". But then when a person says my name it changes to "Your name was mentioned". This is good but as people say other stuff after my name it changes back to "People said stuff". Can you please point me in direction on where i can edit so that it stop monitorin once it hits regex of "your name was mentioned"? This would be extremely useful! Thank you!!

  • Tab notifications are very useful, and it is great to see this extension opening up use for them in firefox.

    Extension works pretty well, but it does seem as if the notifications lag when opening and closing if lots of them get queued up at once.

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  • I've been using Tab Notifier for the past several days in SeaMonkey 2.26.1 for Linux (openSUSE), and it has performed flawlessly -- impressive given it was for a much older version of SeaMonkey. It even has some options to control where it appears on the screen, how many to show at once, and whether to turn on "rounded corners."

    The only weak spots it has are that the drop-down menus in the Preferences only show a few letters (they don't resize with the window, sadly), and the notification box doesn't pick up the system colors/theme like SeaMonkey itself does. Still, it gets the job done, and that's what ultimately counts.

    Developer response

    Thanks for praises and also for reporting defects and remarking limitations. Tab Notifier 2.2 remedies one of them, allowing to change the aspect of the notification windows.