Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I really liked this program B 4 I noticed the HUGE bug in it's UI! The tabs R wide as hell (well, way 2 wide whatever :)) USELESS! I am forced 2 use a mish-mash of about 6 different other plugins 2 get the result needed - tabs that collapse until just the faveicon is displayed (the more tabs, the smaller they get, until they just show the faveicon).

WTF W/Tabs Mix Plus? WHAT is the point of this if U can't fit more tabs in yer' thingy there? RETARDED! I often have over 100 pages loaded, so as U can imagine, if they R big & wide scrolling is a no-go & must use the drop-down list, which is not as fun =(

FIX YER' ADDON! - make the tabs get narrower as U increase the number of them - it's not rocket science! Even on the minimum width setting it's 2 much - 2 wide.

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