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51 reviews for this add-on
  • It so helpful !!!

  • A useful addition that allows you to track how much memory is wasted when you open sites on the Internet. When you open a large number of tabs just an irreplaceable addition. It is strongly recommended. I hope that the author will continue to support his extension for Firefox 57+.

  • Please consider supporting FF57 with the next version. I find this add-on to be very useful, particularly in monitoring Facebook and Gmail memory usage.

  • I'm running 56 and I get no memory numbers on any tabs, titles, etc. It did absolutely nothing. Maybe a change in Firefox, I never tried it on an older version.

  • Please, make compatibility with WE, 57+

  • With Firefox 55 there seems to be an extensions conflict, which led to Firefox becoming unusable (I had to kill the firefox process). Jeremy, would you like me to raise the issue at or are conflicts out of scope?

  • Fait ce qu'il annonce : 8/10
    + choix entre 5 affichages selon sa config : 9/10
    + compatible avec Tree Style Tab (et mes autres add-ons) : 10/10
    En bonus il est open source

  • i love this add-ons!

  • So far I really like the add-on. The one thing I wish for would be to just display the mb used and forget about the decimal place, at least when it is displayed in the tab itself. Like "23m-" or "23-" (perhaps italicized or bold) instead of "22.6M -". I don't really see a need for the decimal in the Tab Title particularly since the Tab title space is a bit precious.

  • My pinned tabs look ugly and stretched with this addon.

    Otherwise, very nice.

  • this addons easily show my tabs usage

  • 测试


  • The icon does not keep in the same place moved to after customizing the UI when Firefox is reset or closed.

  • very good, also works with electolysis

  • This is a real eye-opener for finding memory hogging tabs/pages. Very informative, great options and nice UI.

  • Sencilla, ligera y práctica extensión con la que podrás estar al corriente del peso de las páginas web que visitas de un vistazo. Útil para disponer de una referencia cuando notes que la navegación se resiente debido a la carga de algún sitio.

  • I am happy to find an add on that is easy to use. The memory used by sites is now easy to see! Thank you!!

  • ?

  • Just wish there was a Total Amount counter for all tabs.

  • Does what it says and does it well, with some extra nice touches like color-coding, etc. (available from the options).
    There is definitely room for improvements, but I'm not asking for more features in order to keep it as light-weight as it currently is. Thanks to the developer, nice job

  • I typically run two windows with maybe 40 or 60 tabs open at once. This add-on allows me to monitor which tab is hogging memory.
    It only does one thing, but it's simple and awesome and does that one thing really, really well!!!

  • Colorea el texto de las pestañas que ocupan demasiada RAM para que tengas cuidado de no abrir demasiadas. Imprescindible.

  • It would be great if it shows the total amount of memory usage of all tabs. On the status bar or the window title for example
    Hmm! I just installed it and all tab's close button disappeared. All tabs

  • Настроил отображение памяти на вкладках — выглядит, как функция самого браузера.